The 69p frozen Aldi pizza that bargain hunters are loving

The 69p frozen Aldi pizza that bargain hunters are loving

ALDI has launched two budget-busting pizzas that cost just 67p and shoppers say they taste delicious.
Often cheap frozen pizzas are as chewy as cardboard and come with very little toppings or cheese.
Aldi is trialling new 67p cheese and tomato and pepperoni pizzas
But shoppers are really impressed with Aldi’s new “Everyday Essentials” cheese and tomato and pepperoni pizzas.
The bad news is that not everyone can get their hands on them as they’re currently only being trialled in Aldi stores around Bolton in Great Manchester, Cardiff in Wales, and Chelmsford in Essex.
The pizzas were spotted by a shopper on the Reduce Your Supermarket Spend Facebook group, which is run by money blogger Skint Dad.
Shopper Bridgette Whitney wrote: “I’ve never posted before, but I thought this needs a shout out – I am so impressed with Aldi’s 67p pizza.
Shoppers say the new pizzas are delicious and come topped with lots of cheese
“Not like your normal basic pizza where it comes with no cheese and a paper feel base.”
The post has since had 522 likes and 125 comments. One user wrote: “67p!! Need to look out for one of these!”
And another said: “They look amazing for that price, like you said, usually the cheaper ones from shops the base is like cardboard and toppings very thin.
“I might get a load of these as you can always add a few extra toppings.”
The 288g cheese and tomato pizza contains 720 calories, while the 288g pepperoni one has 694 calories.
An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while a grown woman should have around 2,000, according to the NHS.
Aldi’s new pizza comes in a plastic wrapper inside the cardboard box
But it’s not just Aldi’s own-brand pizzas that shoppers are loving. Other people commenting on the post said that Asda and Tesco’s pizzas are tasty too.
Asda has a frozen cheese and tomato pizza for 60p or a wider range of toppings available in its frozen 90p range.
While Tesco’s frozen pizzas also start from 67p.
One shopper wrote: “I absolutely love this pizza but at Asda you get three pizzas for £2.69 and it tastes sooo good, I would choose this one over a Goodfella’s any day.”
Another said: “Check out Tesco’s 67p cheese pizza, and they also sell pepperoni too… they’re lovely.”
Morrisons and Sainsbury’s own-brand frozen pizzas start from a pricier £1.
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