The 62 Lidl products that shoppers love

The 62 Lidl products that shoppers love

THE best and worst products at Lidl have been revealed by savvy shoppers who know the store inside out.
Snack-size cucumbers were surprisingly named as the best item overall, while fresh fish, cleaning products and some of the supermarket’s own-brand cereals were given a thumbs down from customers.
Shoppers have spoken and have revealed what their top and worst rated Lidl products are
The discount supermarket is as popular as ever in the UK, with more than 700 stores in the UK after opening its first in 1994.
Shoppers rave about the quality and affordability of the products on social media, and there are Facebook groups set up to discuss the best and worst ones.
Now a list of the items to snap up and the ones to leave on the shelf has been collated by Mirror Money.
They gave the supermarket’s 35p tomato soup a rave review, as well as approving its limited-edition £1.99 créme brûlée ice cream, which often sells out in days.
But not every product on Lidl’s shelves is worth picking up, according to the shoppers.
Lidl Lidl’s Oakland Snack Cucumbers were voted the best product at Lidl as they’re perfect for lunchboxes
The 44 best Lidl productsTHIS is a list of the best Lidl own-brand items at the discount supermarket, according to shoppers on social media:

Mini Oakland cucumbers
Newgate tomato soup
Duc De Coeur crème brûlée ice cream
Brunswick ham and all fresh meat
Deluxe barista premium coffee
Bakery items, including cinnamon buns, croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, apple turnovers, iced doughnuts and cookies
Continental cold meats/ham
Lupilu 12 months+ ready meals
Pastel De Nata Portuguese custard tarts
Cheese selections
Baresa dried pasta
Deluxe and Mexican coleslaw
W5 washing up liquid
W5 bleach
Dulano frankfurter sausages
Sourdough bread
Freeway diet coke
Freeway diet lemonade
Aura perfumes
Lupilu nappies
Nocciolata chocolate spread
Italiamo coffee ice cream
Fresh baked soda bread
Mini baguettes
Simply sumptuous ranola
Greek plain and strawberry yoghurt
Frozen chicken steaks in breadcrumb
Naturis smoothie cartons
Firenze apple strudel
Belbake salt and pepper croutons
Deluxe Madagascan vanilla ice cream
Fairglobe white chocolate and cranberry cookies
W5 dishwasher tablets and limescale remover
Deluxe teas
Fresh blackberries
Fresh ginger
Nuts selection
Greek savoury pastries with cheese and spinach
Baresa ready-made pasta sauces
Ready to roll pastry
Sodney jaffa cakes
Iced coffees
Christmas stollen
Frozen spicy bean burgers

Lidl Lidl’s limited-edition creme brulee ice cream also got a thumbs up
Lidl Shoppers also love Lidl’s cream of tomato soup
Some of the social media gurus said you should Lidl’s £1.89 own-brand Weetabix-style cereal, as well as its 30 baked beans and 89p Cien shampoo.
Lidl’s frozen pizzas, malt loaf and fresh lettuce were also given a thumbs down by some.
There were more top-rated products than ones to avoid when shoppers gave their verdict, though.
Other quality products include Lidl’s Nutella-style Nocciolata chocolate spread, which contains crunchy pieces of hazelnut.
Lidl Fresh fish is to be avoided, according to some Lidl shoppers
The 18 worst Lidl productsSHOPPERS also gave their verdict on 18 items to avoid at Lidl:

Fresh fish
Cleaning products
Crownfield honey hoops cereal
Crownfield “Cornflakes”
Crownfield “Weetabix”
Crownfield “Shreddies”
Towergate digestive biscuits
Towergate custard creams
Fresh lettuce
Fruit malt loaf
Frozen fish fingers
Crownfield Muesli
Newgate baked beans
Deluxe sticky toffee pudding
Manor House stewed steak
Frozen battered fis
Cien shampoo
Frozen pizzas

Lidl Lidl’s own-brand cereals, particularly its Honey Hoops, are best avoided, according to some shoppers
And shoppers also rated the supermarket’s bakery items, particularly its Portuguese custard tarts and its croissants.
Cleaning products were said to be best avoided at Lidl, according to some shoppers.
But others rated the supermarket’s W5 washing up liquid, bleach, dishwasher tablets and limescale remover, showing that some people have different taste.
We’ve asked Lidl for a response to the shopper survey and we will update this article if we hear back.
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You can find your nearest Lidl branch using its online shop finder tool.
Lidl is currently selling a posh £12 Easter egg made of chocolate, gin and Prosecco.
The supermarket’s £13 scotch whisky has also been named the best in the world.
Meanwhile, the supermarket has introduced mini trolleys so the kids can help with the weekly shop.
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