The 10 ways you can save money at KFC

The 10 ways you can save money at KFC

IF you want a cheap meal, you could do worse than visit KFC – but you can save even more money when eating at the chain if you know how.
We’ve asked chicken lovers to reveal their savviest money-saving tips for eating at the fast food giant, from blagging freebies to scoring discounts.
KFC You can save serious money at KFC if you are in the know
For some of the tips, you will need to download KFC’s free rewards app, called the Colonel’s Club.
The loyalty scheme gives out freebies if you meet certain criteria, and we reveal below exactly how you can get your hands on them.
But if you don’t want another app clogging up your phone, there are other ways to get money off at the chicken chain’s 900 UK branches.
We spoke to members of deal hunting community, money-saving blogger Claire Roach, of Daily Deals UK, and KFC itself to find out how customers can save the most money.
These are their best tips.
1. How to bag a free side
Google play Downloading the KFC app can bag you some freebies
KFC’s Colonel’s Club rewards scheme allows you to earn virtual stamps when you order from the menu that will get you money off food and drink.
But most people don’t know that you will receive three stamps just for signing up to the club on the app.
Three stamps is enough to bag a free side dish.
KFC advises its customers to use the stamps to get two free extra hot wings worth 99p.
But our advice is to order any large side such as fries or beans instead, as they’re worth £1.69.2. Free KFC delivery
Deliveroo customers have been able to order KFC to their door for a while.
But the app charges a £2.50 delivery fee, as well as a £3.75 small order fee if your order is under £5 and a 50p service charge, adding up to £6.75.
Now there’s a way to get around the charges as KFC has arrived on JustEat with free delivery and no minimum spend.
It’s perfect for lazy days when you don’t want to leave the house.
But a word of warning: prices are inflated on the app, with a 14 piece Bargain Bucket costing £20.99 compared to £16.49 at a branch.
So it’s best to visit your nearest shop if you want to save even more money.
3. Free food for students
KFC Students can get their hands on a free snackbox if they spend £3 or more
KFC regularly offers students freebies and discounts if they sign up to its app.
At the moment, you’ll get a free snackbox worth £1.99 if you spend £3 or more.
You just need to show the offer on the app to the person behind the till.
You often can’t use Colonel Club offers at motorway service stations, though.4. Chicken Tuesdays
KFC You can get nine pieces of KFC Original Recipe chicken for £5.99 until March 5
On Tuesdays only, customers can order nine pieces of Original Recipe Chicken on the bone for £5.99.
That amount of chicken would usually cost £15.57 so it’s a huge saving of £9.58.
The offer is only on until March 5, though, which means you only have one more Tuesday to take advantage.
5. Get fresh fries
There’s a trick to blagging freshly made fries at KFC and you don’t have to pay a penny more for them.
Just ask the cashier for no salt on your 99p fries and they will have to make a fresh batch for you.
You can always add salt on afterwards.
The chain changed its fries recipe last year – but not everyone likes them.
6. Coupons in The Sun
KFC There have been coupons for burgers in The Sun before
Not that we’re biased, but there’s now another great reason to buy The Sun.
The newspaper often contains coupons for KFC that can get you money off.
Members of the Latest Deals community said they’ve found vouchers for a Mini Fillet Burger for £1 (saving 49p), and for two pieces and fries for £2.49 (usually £5.18, saving £2.69).7. Keep the receipt for a discount
Money-saving blogger Claire Roach says you can blag a 15 per cent discount off your next KFC meal by hanging onto a receipt.
On a KFC receipt, there will be a link to a short customer experience survey.
Make sure you hang onto the receipt until after you finish the survey as you’ll need to enter the survey code and time stamp to take part.
You don’t necessarily have to buy a meal just to get a receipt, though.
Claire said: “You will need a receipt, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be yours.
“You can ask friends or family to keep you theirs or even do a touch of wombling and pick up receipts that have been left on the tables in the restaurants or even the floor outside.”
KFC has confirmed this trick – but said that you have to claim your discount within 14 days of completing the survey.
8. Military discount
If you’re in the forces or are a veteran, you can blag a 10 per cent discount at KFC.
But you’ll need a Defence Privilege Card – which is similar to the Blue Light Card that gives NHS and emergency service workers discounts too.
Unfortunately, Blue Light Card holders don’t receive a discount at KFC, currently.
You can sign up for a Defence Privilege Card online.
9. Free snack
KFC If you earn enough loyalty stamps on the app, you can blag a free regular popcorn chicken
By using KFC’s app to earn stamps on purchases, you can bag a free snack worth up to £2.99, including a regular popcorn chicken.
You’ll need to collect seven stamps first, though.
You earn one stamp on any purchase over £3, and two stamps if you spend more than £15 in one go.
If you do earn seven stamps, there is a chance you might want to save them for an even better deal…10. Blag £5 off
If you save up your stamps on the Colonel’s Club rewards app, you could earn £5 off your next KFC meal.
You’ll need to earn 11 stamps first, though, which will cost you a minimum of £33.
Then, you just need to show your stamps to the cashier at a branch, and you can tuck into £5 worth of free food.
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You can find your nearest KFC branch using its online store finder tool.
It’s not just KFC where you can blag some freebies: Greggs and GBK offer goodies when you sign up to their apps too.
There are even more ways to get free food at other fast food chains – check out our guide.
Meanwhile, Deliveroo is handing out 6,000 free Greggs sausage rolls today – but only in London.
KFC and Pizza Hut have made a popcorn chicken and gravy pizza – The Gravy Supreme

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