Thanks to Amber Rudd, the selfish Ayatollah of Remain, the EU will get their way

Thanks to Amber Rudd, the selfish Ayatollah of Remain, the EU will get their way

AMBER RUDD seems blissfully unaware that the people of Hastings voted for Brexit with far more enthusiasm than they ever voted for her.
Amber, MP for Hastings and Rye, sits in the House of Commons with a majority as thin as an After Eight mint — just 346.
EPA Amber Rudd should be doing everything to help Theresa May drag her deal across the finishing line to end the agony, writes Tony Parsons
But she represents a part of the country that is enthusiastically in favour of leaving the European Union.
In the 2016 referendum, Hastings voted to leave the EU by a majority of 4,328 — more than ten-times the size of Rudd’s modest majority at the General Election.
So after standing on a ­Conservative Party manifesto committed to leaving the EU, Rudd represents a ­constituency in favour of leaving the EU, and serves in a Government legally bound by ­Article 50 to ensure the UK leaves on March 29.What part of “Leave” doesn’t she understand?
Our masters in Brussels complain that the democracy-denying movement to keep the UK inside the EU has no real leader, but that is not true — it has Amber Rudd, first lady of the metropolitan elite.
With dark threats of mass resignations, she led the Cabinet revolt that held the PM to ransom over leaving with No Deal.
None of us wants economic chaos. None of us wants this wretched paralysis to drag on
Now that Parliament has a veto over No Deal, MPs have given the sneering pygmies of Brussels no incentive to reach a deal with the UK. For how can you ever negotiate ANYTHING if you do not have the option of ­walking away?
As Brexit hangs in the balance, Rudd — Secretary of State for Work and ­Pensions — should be doing everything to help Theresa May drag her deal across the finishing line to end the agony and get this thing done.
Instead, Rudd seems to be doing all she can to thwart Brexit.
And perhaps the minister — and the non-entities who trail in her wake — will succeed. Future historians may well look back at this week and decide it was when the Brexit dream finally died.
None of us wants economic chaos. None of us wants this wretched paralysis to drag on and on and on.
None of us would choose to leave the EU with no deal agreed and all the uncertainties that would bring.
But for Brexit to happen, Brussels must give the UK some legal assurance about the Irish backstop not ­carving off part of our ­country, and not keeping us trapped in a Customs Union for ever and not treating us as a servile, non-voting colony.
Abandon the corridors of power and be true to your pro-EU principles, Amber
Now Rudd and the Remainer extremists have made leaving with No Deal impossible, why should Brussels bother?
With Parliament now having the power to veto the UK just walking away, why would Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier give us a damn thing?
If Rudd can’t back Brexit, then she should have had the bottle to resign. Join old Ken Clarke ­muttering on the backbenches.
Join Chuka Umunna and his­ fellow members of The ­Independent Group.
Abandon the corridors of power and be true to your pro-EU principles, Amber.
But to stay at the very heart of government to thwart the biggest mandate in British history smacks of personal ambition.
It reeks of elitist ­arrogance. And it stinks of an unspoken contempt for the people by a politician who dreams of being lifted to 10 Downing Street on clouds of pro-EU glory.
The EU wants to see us squirm, and it wants to see us stay.
Thanks to Rudd, the ambitious, self-serving Ayatollah of Remain, the EU now have a wonderful chance of getting their way.
Alamy Live News Amber Rudd’s constituency Hastings voted to leave the EU by a majority of 4,328
TV Stacey puts her foot on it
COMIC Relief’s dilemma is that it has raised £1billion for great causes while at the same time burnishing the saint-like reputations of countless caring celebrities.
This conflict between helping the disadvantaged while at the same time promoting the careers of the rich and famous was always destined to end in tears.
Refer to Caption Stacey Dooley is in a row with David Lammy after the Labour MP accused her of being a ‘white saviour’
Now Stacey Dooley is accused of “poverty porn” for posing with an adorable black child whose name we never learned.
Dooley is one of the rising stars of the BBC – a smart, sassy, working-class woman who can do serious documentaries as well as triumphing on Strictly.
But Stacey must be smart enough to know that there is something sick about doing a piece to camera outside a basic operating theatre when you are sporting £265 boots
Time to think a little bit less about chucking aid money at Africa and a little bit more about trading with them.
Milestone reached for English Channel migrants caught in 2019WHEN nine men in a dinghy were intercepted by Border officials on Wednesday, the number of migrants caught attempting to sneak into the UK via the English Channel in 2019 passed the 100 mark.
And how many migrants got nabbed in the English Channel trying to get into France? None
We must be doing something right!

Kashmir conflict risks UK
NOTHING came out of President Trump and North Korean Kim Jong-un’s conference in Vietnam – but it is still far better to have these two paunchy potentates at least talking about sanctions rather than talking about the size of their nuclear arsenal.
The grim alternative to dialogue is being played out right now by India and Pakistan, as they violently clash over Kashmir, a disputed region the size of Britain.
AFP OR LICENSORS North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sat with President Donald Trump at a conference in Vietnam
An Indian pilot who was shot down and severely beaten by Pakistani villagers has been released as a “peace gesture” but Kashmir remains a tinderbox claimed by two nuclear powers.
India and Pakistan both have large populations in the UK.
And if they go to war, this conflict will become a British problem, too.
Dopey Jez has blown his PM bid
HOW stupid is Jeremy Corbyn? Quite stupid.
Jezza has two E-grade A-levels, which is an academic achievement up there with the certificate I have for swimming a width.
EPA Mr Corbyn believes there needs to be another Brexit vote for people to express whether the final deal is what they voted for
CommentKARREN BRADY You’re in for a treat with Celebrity Apprentice — it’s worth the ten-year wait CommentJAMES FORSYTH MPs have 10 days to pass Theresa May’s Brexit deal or calamity strikes CommentLORRAINE KELLY Kim Kardashian must stop endorsing harmful ‘slimming’ products in adverts CommentTHE SUN SAYS We need to clear out incompetent ministers like Grayling who waste BILLIONS CommentTHE SUN ON SUNDAY SAYS Dithering MPs must unite over Brexit for the sake of our country
And this week Corbyn was dumb enough to finally sever all links with Labour’s ­traditional working-class ­voters.
His U-turn on advocating a second EU referendum will stop a few Labour MPs jumping off his sinking ship but in the long term it is political suicide.
For it is not the middle-class, pro-Remain Labour Party ­MEMBERS who have the ­numbers to get Corbyn into No10.
It is the working-class ­VOTERS who voted for Leave in their millions.
And now the old fool has lost them for ever.
Parents prepare for a lifetime of sleep deprivation
RESEARCH tracking 5,000 parents has concluded that having a child disrupts your sleep for at least six years.
The study reckoned that long after you get through teething, nappies and the newest member of your family waking up screaming in the middle of the night, the pressures of parental responsibility drag on.
Getty – Contributor A study which tracked 5,000 parents concluded that having a child disrupts your sleep for at least six years, but what about the rest?
Research at the University of Warwick concluded that “change in duties, strains and worries related to the parental role lead to shorter sleep up to six years after the birth of the first child”.
Only six years?
And the rest.
Wait until those scary teenage years, when your baby girl is out in the night at a party where there are boys, alcohol and who knows what else. Try getting some kip on one of those nights.
Become a parent and you have your sleep disrupted for a lifetime.
Politicians didn’t foresee mass immigration affecting children’s secondary school places, but here we are.ON Friday around 115,000 children learned they had missed out on their first choice of secondary school, a direct result of record levels of migration in the late Nineties and early 2000s.
Do you remember one politician reflecting on the impact mass immigration would have on secondary school places down the line? Me neither.

No shame for jihadi baddie
WHAT was so maddening about Shamima Begum, the dopey jihadi bride who washed up in a Syrian refugee camp requesting a nice council house back in Blighty, was her total lack of remorse about the crimes of IS.
Now Begum has had to flee her refugee camp after receiving death threats from other jihadi wives, who want to kill her for the crime of appearing on TV without her face covered.
Shamima Begum fled the UK to join the Islamic State terror group in Syria when she was 15, in this photo she is being shown a copy of the Home Office letter which stripped her of her British Citizenship
Still no regrets, Shamima?
If she is left to rot in Syria for the next 50 years, the remorse may just start to kick in.
All eyes on Kendall
THERE can only ever be one real winner on the red ­carpet. All those frocks, all that flesh, all that bling – and yet the eyes of paparazzi, press and public are invariably drawn to just one woman.
At the GQ Men Of The Year Awards it was Kate Beckinsale.
Splash News Kendall Jenner attends the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party following the 91st annual Academy Awards ceremony
At the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party it was Kendall Jenner, above.
Surrounded by some of the biggest stars of cinema last Sunday, Kendall owned that red ­carpet.
True, Kendall has almost no connection to the film industry, apart from the odd cameo role playing herself.
But when she owned that red ­carpet, nobody cared.
Gongs are not write
IT does make me chortle mirthlessly when I read that the writing awards at the Oscars were won by the films BlacKkKlansman (best adapted screenplay) and Green Book (best original screenplay).
No, these Oscars were won by the writers of these films.
Without a script, most actors sound like Olivia Colman’s speech – charming, certainly, but also incoherent, rambling and confused.
AP:Associated Press Adam Driver, left, and John David Washington, right, were leading actors in the film ‘BlacKkKlansman’, which was nominated for an Oscar for best picture
Olivia gave a lovely acceptance speech.
But would you really want to listen to it for two hours?
Donald Trump threatens to pull universities’ funding over ‘free speech’ after supporter punched in the face on campus


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