Tesco is selling WHITE Skittles and shoppers are confused about what flavour sweet they are eating

Tesco is selling WHITE Skittles and shoppers are confused about what flavour sweet they are eating

THEY’RE famous for their brightly coloured shells but now Tesco is selling packs of WHITE only Skittles again.
The treats are confusing shoppers – because they don’t know what flavour they are eating.
Twitter Tesco is selling packs of white Skittles again
It’s the fourth year in a row that white Skittles have gone on sale exclusively at Tesco to celebrate Pride month in June – an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community.
Mars, which makes Skittles, says the blank sweets are because “only one rainbow matters” during Pride: the rainbow flag that has become the symbol of LGBT+ rights.
It’s a nice gesture, but the white Skittles are baffling some fans.
Usually, you can tell which flavour of sweet you’re about to pop into your mouth by the colour of the shell.
People are confused because the white shell means you can’t tell what flavour you’re eating – and they can’t tell by the taste
But when the Skittles are all white, you can’t tell the flavour from the outside.That means your only option is to just “taste the rainbow” – like the Skittles slogan says.
Some fans have said the white sweets have made them realise that all Skittles “taste exactly the same”.One said: “I can never work out whether the flavour is always the same in white Skittles or if I just can’t taste the difference without the colour to help…”
Facebook Some people love the blank Skittles
Packs of white Skittles still contain sweets in lemon, blackcurrant, lime, orange, and strawberry flavours, Mars has confirmed.
On Tesco’s website, the description of the product states: “Only one rainbow matters thus pride.
“Give the rainbow, taste the Rainbow.
“Rainbowless Skittles in celebration of pride. Enjoy the mystery mix.”
Some people think the white Skittles taste NICER than the original rainbow coloured ones.
One fan wrote on twitter: “Now I KNOW that white Skittles are the same as normal ones but my brain tells me they taste better.”
The treats are on sale online and at Tesco stores.
The Sun has asked Mars how long the sweets will be on sale for and for comment and we will update this article if we hear back.
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Mars is currently hiring someone to eat its chocolate and sweets as a product tester.
Meanwhile, a shop that sells only Haribo sweets is set to open this week.
And Smarties now does LLAMA-themed sweets – so forget about unicorns.
Footage shows what the inside of a Skittles factory looks like

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