Tesco is selling Jammie Dodgers with YOGURT in them and Custard Creams with RHUBARB

Tesco is selling Jammie Dodgers with YOGURT in them and Custard Creams with RHUBARB

TESCO is selling new Jammie Dodgers stuffed with yogurt, as well as Custard Creams flavoured with rhubarb and we’re not sure what to make of it.
Both of the classic biscuits have been given a flavour revamp for the summer.
Kevs Snack Reviews instagram Tesco is selling Rhubarb Custard Creams for 40p a pack
Jammie Dodgers, which are traditionally round layers of shortbread biscuit with a sticky red jam in between, are now available in a rectanglular shape with yogurt alongside the jam.
Tesco has also changed up its own-brand Custard Creams to now include fruity rhubarb, which has turned the inside a pale pink colour.
We couldn’t find the new Jammie Dodgers being sold online but Instagram food blogger Kevssnackreviews reports finding them in his local store for £1.50.
The box says there’s 97 calories per biscuit and it seems you get five individually wrapped packets inside, each containing two biccies.
Kevs Snack Reviews instagram The supermarket is also selling Jammie Dodgers with yogurt
We also couldn’t see the rhubarb Custard Creams being sold online but again, Kevssnackreviews reports finding them in his local store for 40p a pack.
That’s 4p more than a regular 400g packet of own-brand Tesco Custard Creams, which costs 36p.
The packet reveals that one biscuit contains 69 calories. An adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.
One follower of Kevssnackreviews commented on the rhubarb Custard Creams saying: “This seems so obvious – why did no one think of it sooner?”
Another user wrote: “These sound amazing! I don’t like actual rhubarb but like the sweets.”
Someone else added: “If these are disappointing I will C.R.Y! Not even dramatising things here either.”
When it comes to the Jammie Dodgers one shopper commented on Kevssnackreviews’s post saying: “Tried these – whole packet was consumed, they are like a soft jam and cream, absolutely god level”.
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If you fancy trying other new biscuits, McVitie’s recently launched Jaffa Cakes nibbles.
But be warned that Honey and Oat biscuits sold at Asda have been recalled as they could trigger allergic reactions.
While Go Ahead has recalled Nutty Crunch Hazelnut bars sold in Asda and Tesco.
McVitie’s now does Jaffa Cakes nibbles and we can’t wait to try them

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