Teenager cuts mum’s grocery bill in HALF after taking over cooking family meals

Teenager cuts mum's grocery bill in HALF after taking over cooking family meals

SAVVY teen Shannon Purdy started helping her mum Sabrina in the kitchen at the age of 12 but a couple of months ago the family noticed it also had an effect on the bills.
Quite a noticeable one too, as the 15-year-old has managed to cut the family’s monthly grocery bill from £600 to just £300.
Shannon has cut her mum Sabrina’s grocery bill in half
By shopping around for the best deals and buying her meat in bulk online, Shannon, from Darlington in Durham, cooks up dishes for as little as 68p a portion.
An average five-day menu will cost around £22.77, which works out at just £1.13 per day.
“It started as a bit of fun a couple of months ago but I love cooking and preparing nutritious meals and as soon as I realised how much money we were saving I wanted to carry on,” Shannon said.
“When I started meal prepping, I was only doing three days at a time and quickly we noticed our shopping bill was getting smaller.
The thrifty teen cooks meals for as little as 68p per person
“I upped it to five days a week and that’s when me and mum realised we were saving £300 a month. We put the money towards treats for the family,” Shannon said.
‘I plan our meals mid-week’
To prevent the dinners from getting expensive or boring for her three siblings – Liam, 14, Isla, six and Cassidy, four – she plans ahead.
She said: “Mid-week I plan out what I’m going to make by checking the fresh items we have in the fridge, the meat we have and the dry ingredients.
“I make a list of those to make sure I’m not doubling up on what I buy. That helps me keep the cost down.”
Some of Shannon’s mealsHERE’S a breakdown of what Shannon serves for her family.Four portions Tandoori masala chicken curry, pilau brown rice

Two chicken breasts – £2.18
Rice – 45p
Spices – 5p
Tomato puree – 4p

Total: £2.72 = 68p per portion
Four portions Greek chicken kebabs, courgette, peppers, onions with cucumber and tomatoes

Two chicken breasts – £2.18
Feta cheese – 99p
Courgette – 38p
Peppers – 62p
Onion – 22p
Salad – 43p

Total: £4.82 = £1.20 per portion
Four portions Chinese steak rice noodle stir fry with baby corn, peppers and courgette

Two steaks – £4.82
Noodles – 30p
Baby Corn – 89p
Peppers – 62p
Courgette – 38p

Total: £7.01 = £1.75 per portion
Four portions KFC fakeaway chicken fillet burger with lettuce, tomato and low-fat cheese

Two chicken breasts – £2.18
Burger buns – 50p
Lettuce – 15p
Tomato – 25p
Cheese – 37p

Total: £3.45 = 86p per portion
Four portions salmon, asparagus, crispy sweet potato cubes

Two salmon fillets – £3.10
Asparagus – £1.27
Sweet potato – 40p

Total: £4.77 = £1.19 per portion

Shannon also puts in long hours in the kitchen to prepare food in bulk, which can then be heated up later.
She saves money by using online services like Musclefood.com for pricey ingredients such as meat, and then cooking it all at once so it doesn’t go off.
‘ I spend 8 hours in the kitchen every Sunday’
Big parts of the weekends are spent in the kitchen to prepare meals, while she cooks fresh dinners for her siblings every day – but luckily, it’s more of a passion than a chore.
“I love cooking and look forward to my eight hours in the kitchen every Sunday cooking up meals for me and my mum,” she said.
“When I started my meals were boring – a lot of chicken, rice and veg. Now I make a huge variety of meals,” she added.
Facebook Shannon shops around for deals online and buys in bulk
The kind of meals she cooks varies from everything from chillis, shredded chicken and bacon wraps to sausages and sweet potato mash.
Shannon likes cooking so much, she is planning to study food hygiene at college and also hopes that she’ll be able to turn her hobby into a successful business.
“Eating well and having a healthy diet is really important to me and mum.
“We both feel so much better when we’re eating clean, nutritious food and have both lost some weight since eating the prepped meals.”
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