Teen, 18, who did not know she was pregnant fell into a coma and woke up with a BABY

Teen, 18, who did not know she was pregnant fell into a coma and woke up with a BABY

A TEENAGER who didn’t have a clue she was pregnant fell into a coma and woke up with a baby.
Ebony Stevenson, 18, initially suffered from a splitting headache in early December last year but then suffered a series of seizures and was rushed to hospital where doctors put her into a coma.
SWNS:South West News Service Student Ebony never realised she was pregnant due to her condition
SWNS:South West News Service Ebony Stevenson said she was ‘overwhelmed’ after she woke from her coma to be told she was a mum
She then woke up on December 6 to discover she had given birth to her gorgeous baby Elodie.
All the time the student was pregnant she never missed a period, didn’t develop a baby bump or had morning sickness.
Ebony told the Star on Sunday: “Waking up from a coma to be told I had been pregnant and had given birth to a baby girl was overwhelming to say the least.
“Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out of body experience.
“I didn’t think I even wanted kids – at least not for another ten years – and I never expected to be a young mum.”
Doctors discovered Ebony had a rare condition called uterus didelphys where the person has two uteruses.
Elodie had grown unnoticed in the one towards Ebony’s back.
The condition is thought to affect one in around 3,000 women.
Ebony said: “The doctors said that Elodie was a miracle baby as women with my condition often struggle to conceive or carry to full-term.”
Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out of body experienceEbony Stevenson
When Ebony’s mum Sheree, 39, realised her daughter was seriously ill she dialled 999 and the paramedics asked if Ebony was pregnant as a bump had suddenly appeared at her stomach but Sheree denied it.
The medics believed the seizures had caused the baby to move, making it visible.
She was taken to Royal Oldham hospital and put into an induced coma.
Tests then revealed she had suffered from pre-eclampsia which had triggered the seizures and doctors needed to deliver the baby as soon as possible.
Ebony had an emergency caesarean and Elodie was born on December 3, just three hours after her first seizure.
Sheree and Ebony’s grandmother Geraldine initially looked after the newborn for four days while Ebony was in the coma.
When nurses first presented Ebony with her baby she thought they had made a mistake but after Sheree explained what had happened mother and daughter soon bonded.
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Elodie was initially put in intensive care but mum and baby were eventually allowed home on December 13.
Ebony said: “Although I had no time to prepare, I wouldn’t change what has happened for the world.”
The young mum plans to continue her studies in sports physiotherapy and will look after Elodie with the help of her mum.
SWNS:South West News Service Baby Elodie is now fit and healthy
SWNS:South West News Service Ebony was put into and induced coma following her seizures
SWNS:South West News Service Mum Sheree, left, will help bring up Elodie with Ebony

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