Tech whizz orders 100 free McDonald’s cheeseburgers using glitch in their app in just one day

Tech whizz orders 100 free McDonald's cheeseburgers using glitch in their app in just one day

A COMPUTER whizz used a glitch in a McDonald’s app to get 100 free meals.
Jordan Miller, 21, saw the flaw in its “free cheeseburger per customer” promo last week.
East News Press Agency Jordan Miller used a glitch in the McDonald’s app to order 100 free cheeseburgers
His plan — the exact details of which we are not revealing — involved creating multiple user identities.
Jordan, who tests software for a living, said: “I made a second account and got a second free cheeseburger.
“The natural progression was to go to 40 and it worked again.”
The next day Jordan claimed for 100, and gave them to colleagues, passers-by and the homeless.
East News Press Agency Jordan created multiple user identities to order the free burgers
East News Press Agency Jordan has said he is ‘very shocked’ by how easy it was to order the burgers on the McDonald’s mobile app
He said the manager at the branch in Colchester, Essex, had to help make them.
Jordan believes he could have “brought every McDonald’s to a standstill” by ordering 100,000.
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He said: “It was a major flaw. I’m very shocked at how easy it was to do.”
McDonald’s said: “We will investigate this matter in more detail. The promotion has now ended.”
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Fans of the two-patty treat can add rashers from today for an extra 45p.
But it is controversial.
Burger fan Stacey Murphy raged online: “Bacon does NOT belong in a Big Mac!”

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