Take the sting out of sunburn by soothing your skin with these low-cost remedies – The Sun

Take the sting out of sunburn by soothing your skin with these low-cost remedies – The Sun

SUN-THINGS about summer can be really annoying.We’ve all returned home from a lovely day out and realised we’ve been sunburnt, bitten or are suffering from heat rash.
8 Before you start spending lots of cash on pharmacy ­­­remedies for sunburn, there are cheaper alternativesCredit: Getty – Contributor
But before you start spending lots of cash on pharmacy ­­­rem­edies, check out these ­wallet-friendly hacks. They can get you back to your summer lovin’ self in no time . . .
SUNBURN: Aftersun can be expensive, with Nivea’s Soothing Lotion costing £6. Instead, spread a thin layer of Lidl’s 68p Milbona natural yoghurt over your burn and leave for 10 minutes ­— it contains probiotics that will help to decrease redness and sensitivity. To stop stinging, dab on a flannel that has been soaked in cooled black tea.SAVE: £5.32HEAT RASH: Calamine lotion can be great, but a 200ml bottle is £1.25 at Superdrug and you’re unlikely to use it all in a hurry. If you’re only suffering mildly, try applying a damp cloth or ice pack (wrapped in a tea towel) for no more than 20 minutes. And take a cool bath or shower too.SAVE: £1.25THIGH CHAFING: Roll-on deodorant is a fantastic for this. Body Glide’s anti-chafe balm ­­is £6.99 but Sainsbury’s Basics’ roll-on deodrant is just 50p. Or head to Amazon where you’ll find anti-chafing thigh bands from £1.99. Asda’s Little Angels Liquid Talc can also do the trick at a bargain 87p.SAVE: £6.49HAYFEVER: Piriteze is a pricey remedy, with Superdrug selling packs of 30 one-a-day tablets for £7.15. I recently heard about Nuage’s hayfever wipes, which are 99p for 30 at savers.co.uk. The brand claims these trap and remove pollen, so they are worth trying if you are sick of ­splashing out.SAVE: £6.16INSECT BITES: Munched by mozzies? As honey is anti-inflammatory, spreading a spoonful on the area can make itching less intense. Aldi’s 99p Everyday Essentials Honey is a steal compared to Savlon, £1.99 at Boots.SAVE: £1
Deal of the day
8 Tomy Lamaze range is 25 per cent off in selected Boots until July 16
TOMY is offering parents 25 per cent off products from its Lamaze range in selected Boots until July 16. Get down to your nearest store, quick!SAVE: 25 per cent
Top Swap
8 Nut to be missed – a 400g jar of Nutella would set you back £2.90
8 Buy Tesco’s Hazelnut ­Chocolate Spread for £1.50 and save £1.40
THIS one’s nut to be missed. Swap your 400g jar of Nutella for Tesco’s Hazelnut ­Chocolate Spread.SAVE: £1.40
Reader’s saving tip
MIKE DERRICK, of Corringham, Essex, says: “Use the plastic lids from Pringles tubes to cover half-used baked bean cans and pop in the fridge until the next day.”

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Cheap treat
8 A four-pack of Waitrose’s Almond Frangipane Tarts is now £1.49
GRAB a four-pack of Waitrose’s Almond Frangipane Tarts for just £1.49, down from £2.SAVE: 51p
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