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Native Americans of North America

December 18, 2012 9:42 am

Native Americans of North America, indigenous peoples of North America. Native Americans had lived throughout the continent for thousands of years before Europeans began exploring the “New World” in the 15th century. Most scientists agree that the human history of North America began when the ancient ancestors of modern Native Americans made their way across […]

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Native Americans of Middle and South America

December 17, 2012 9:42 pm

Native Americans of Middle and South America, indigenous peoples of Middle America (Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies) and South America. Native Americans were the first humans to inhabit these regions, arriving thousands of years before European explorers laid claim to the “New World.” The story of Native Americans begins in the ancient past. Scientists believe […]

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Native American Religions

9:39 pm

Native American Religions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of the indigenous peoples of North America concerning the spiritual forces of the cosmos. These beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes remained an integral part of indigenous North American cultures until the European settlement of North America was completed at the end of the 19th century. Beginning […]

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Native American Policy

9:38 pm

Native American Policy, laws and procedures developed in the United States to define the relationship between the government and Native Americans. From the time of first contact, Europeans who came to North America noted vast differences between their cultures and those of the native peoples who already inhabited the New World. In their […]

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Native American Literature

9:37 pm

Native American Literature, the literature of people of Native American descent. The dominant focus of Native American literature is on issues related to Native American culture, history, religion, and experiences. Although native peoples live in every country in North America and South America, the term Native American literature, or alternately, American Indian literature, usually refers to […]

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Native American Languages

9:35 pm

Native American Languages, indigenous languages of the native peoples of North, Middle, and South America. Scholars can only guess at the total number of languages once spoken by Native Americans; many of these languages disappeared before they could be documented. When Europeans arrived on the North American continent in the late 15th […]

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Native American Art

9:34 pm

Native American Art, the visual works crafted by indigenous people of North America, starting after their arrival on the continent thousands of years ago and continuing until the present. These works may be painted, carved, woven, sewn, or built, and can incorporate such materials as feathers, porcupine quills, tree bark, animal skins and hair, […]

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Native American Architecture

9:30 pm

Native American Architecture, traditional architecture of the peoples of who lived in North America before Europeans arrived. In traditional Native American culture, the dwelling was far more than a physical shelter or what Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier called “a machine for living.” For many Native Americans the house was a physical and […]

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First Americans

9:21 pm

First Americans, the earliest humans to arrive in the Americas. The first people to come to the Americas arrived in the Western Hemisphere during the late Pleistocene Epoch (1.6 million to 10,000 years before present). Most scholars believe that these ancient ancestors of modern Native Americans were hunter-gatherers who migrated to the Americas […]

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Maya Civilization

9:18 pm

Maya Civilization, an ancient Native American culture that represented one of the most advanced civilizations in the western hemisphere before the arrival of Europeans. The people known as the Maya lived in the region that is now eastern and southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras. They thrived for more than 2,000 […]

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9:16 pm

Iroquois, important confederacy of Native American tribes of the Iroquoian language family and of the Northeast culture area. The Iroquois Confederacy, thought to have been founded in the late 16th century, originally consisted of five tribes—the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, and Seneca—in what is now central New York State. The confederacy came […]

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9:15 pm

Inuit, a people inhabiting small enclaves in the coastal areas of Greenland, Arctic North America (including Canada and Alaska), and extreme northeastern Siberia. The name Inuit means “the people.” In 1977 the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, held in Barrow, Alaska, officially adopted Inuit as the replacement for the term “Eskimo.” There are several related […]

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Inca Empire

9:14 pm

Inca Empire, vast kingdom in the Andes Mountains of South America that was created by the Quechua, a Native American people, in the 15th century ad. The Inca Empire was conquered by the Spanish in the early 16th century. The Incas built a wealthy and complex civilization that ruled between 5 million and 11 […]

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9:12 pm

Geronimo (1829-1909), Native American, leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, born in present-day Clifton, Arizona. After his wife, children, and mother were killed by Mexicans in 1858, he participated in a number of raids against Mexican and American settlers, but eventually settled on a reservation. In 1876 the U.S. government […]

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Crazy Horse

9:11 pm

Crazy Horse (1849?-1877), chief of the Oglala Sioux, known for his part in the Native American resistance to white expansion in the western United States. As a young man, Crazy Horse fought against United States troops in Wyoming under the Oglala chief Red Cloud. Upon his marriage to a Cheyenne […]

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