Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Jordan king Abdullah II, says no military solution to Syria crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Moscow on January 25, 2017. (Photo by AP). Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed optimism over cessation of hostilities in Syria and rejected military options as a solution to the crisis. At a meeting  in Moscow with King Abdullah II of Jordan, Putin praised […]

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Loyalty: Protesters made their support for Jordan's King Abdullah II clear during a rally in Amman today

Jordan Releases Trending photos of Strikes Against ISIS – In Operation Martyr Moaz Named After Murdered Pilot

Jordan has released a slickly-edited video that shows its war planes being prepared for bombing strikes against Islamic State jihadists in Syria. The footage, understood to have been broadcast on state TV, shows troops messages on plane-mounted missiles before the fleet of fighter jets are launched from the base. The mission – dubbed Operation Martyr […]

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