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Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States

November 27, 2012 9:46 am

Boston, Massachusetts, is also known as Beantown. In colonial days, beans baked slowly in molasses was a favorite dish there. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. English colonists founded it in 1625. Because of its excellent harbor, the city soon became the busiest port in America. It was the largest city […]

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Chicago is famous for tall buildings and the world’s first skyscraper was built here in 1885

9:24 am

Chicago is famous for tall buildings. The world’s first skyscraper was built here in 1885. Today, the city’s skyline includes some of the tallest buildings in the world. The Sears Tower is Chicago’s highest skyscraper. The 110-story building soars 1,450 feet (442 meters) into the air. From its completion in 1974 until 1998, […]

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Berlin is the capital of Germany and its largest city

9:24 am

Berlin is the capital of Germany and its largest city. About 3.4 million people live in Berlin. Berlin grew along the Spree River. An island in the river was settled first, nearly 800 years ago. Today, Berlin spreads out from the river on a plain dotted with lakes, woods, and parks. Many museums are on the […]

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom and the home of its queen, Elizabeth II. It’s also the largest city in Europe

9:21 am

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and the home of its queen, Elizabeth II. It’s also the largest city in Europe. About 8 million people call London home. LONDON LANDMARKS Millions of people visit London every year from all over the world. If you travel there, you’ll find many fascinating things to see and […]

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Los Angeles grew as the movie capital of the world

9:16 am

Los Angeles grew as the movie capital of the world. For a long time, more movies were made here than in any other city. But today Bombay, India, surpasses Los Angeles as a movie capital. The World’s Largest Cities City Country 2003 population* 1 Tokyo Japan 35,000,000 2 Mexico City Mexico 18,700,000 3 São […]

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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico

9:13 am

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. It’s Mexico’s cultural, political, and economic center. About 14 million people live in Mexico City, and about 18 million live in the Mexico City area. That makes it one of the biggest cities in the world. Hundreds of years ago, it was the site of the world’s […]

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Montréal is one of the most important cities in Canada

9:01 am

Montréal is one of the most important cities in Canada. It’s a center of industry, trade, culture, and tourism. Until the 1990s, Montréal was the largest city in Canada. Now Toronto has more people, and Montréal is Canada’s second largest city. CITY ON AN ISLAND Montréal sits on an island. The island is in the St. Lawrence River […]

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New York City, New York, is the biggest city in the United States.

8:42 am

New York City, New York, is the biggest city in the United States. About 8.2 million people live in New York City, and 18.3 million live in the city and its surrounding urban area. New York City was once the largest city in the world. Today, it is the fourth largest. New York City is in southeastern New York […]

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Paris is the capital of France. It’s known as the City of Light because of its beauty.

8:41 am

Paris is the capital of France. It’s known as the City of Light because of its beauty. It’s a place to enjoy great food, great art, and great buildings. It’s also a place to sit back and enjoy life in a sidewalk café. For hundreds of years, artists and writers have celebrated Paris. Many have gone to […]

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Philadelphia is called the Birthplace of the Nation of the United States of America

8:37 am

Philadelphia is called the Birthplace of the Nation. It’s where America’s Founding Fathers declared independence from Great Britain and wrote the Constitution of the United States. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE The Founding Fathers gave birth to a new nation when they wrote the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in the summer of 1776. They met in […]

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San Francisco is one of the largest cities on the West Coast

8:32 am

You sink back into your seat as the cable car chugs up the steep slope. All around you are hills, many with steep, curving streets. A huge bay lies below you. In the distance you see the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, which crosses a channel at the entrance to the bay. The Pacific Ocean […]

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Rome is the capital of Italy and Rome’s many art treasures and historic buildings make the city an important center of European culture.

8:31 am

Rome is the capital of Italy. This sprawling modern city has many ancient monuments. Rome’s history goes back more than 2,500 years. Because of its age, Rome is often called the Eternal City. Rome’s many art treasures and historic buildings make the city an important center of European culture. ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME […]

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Tokyo is one of the world’s biggest and most crowded cities

8:29 am

It’s one of the world’s biggest and most crowded cities. So many people ride on its subway trains that the city employs “people pushers.” These white-gloved workers push passengers into crowded subway cars so the doors can close! This is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is located on the east coast of Honshu, the largest of Japan’s […]

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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and It’s also the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario

8:26 am

If you want a terrific view of the city of Toronto, go to the top of the CN Tower. It has the highest observation deck in the world, more than 1,460 feet (446 meters) from the ground. You’re up so high that you might think you’re in an airplane. The entire tower rises 1,815 […]

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Washington, D.C., is a great place

8:23 am

Washington, D.C., is a great place for a field trip. Tens of thousands of school kids go there every year. What’s so great about Washington? It’s the capital of the United States. The D.C. stands for District of Columbia, the name of the capital territory. Washington is the name of the city that fills the entire District […]

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