Russia detains two men in Boris Nemtsov murder inquiry, prompting skepticism

The North Caucasus region from which the suspects reportedly come includes Chechnya, where separatist rebels fought two wars against Russian forces over the past two decades and which now is in under the tight control of Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Kadyrov has been widely criticized for brutality against opponents, including summary executions and abductions, and […]

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Anna Politkovskaya.

Unfortunate Russian rebels pay with their lives

Alexander Litvinenko. Boris Nemtsov is not the first Russian dissident to die in mysterious circumstances in recent years: Paul Khlebnikov, 2004An American journalist and editor of Forbes Russia, he was shot outside his Moscow office. Khlebnikov, 41 was known for his investigations into corruption and Russian business and politics. Three men from Chechnya were acquitted […]

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