Swiss men’s sperm counts are among the lowest in the world, study finds

Swiss men's sperm counts are among the lowest in the world, study finds

SWISS men have among the worst quality sperm in Europe, a study shows.
One in six have a concentration below 15million per millilitre of semen, the medical threshold for a low sperm count.
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Their sperm were also found to be poorly developed and unable to move well enough to get to and fertilise an egg.
Researcher Dr Alfred Senn said: “It is in a critical state and their future fertility will be affected.”
“With the current trend for couples to have children later in life, the low sperm count among young men in Switzerland – combined with the declining fertility of older women – will have an impact on conception rates and future generations.
“This will lead to significant social and financial challenges for our society.”
Having a low sperm count makes it harder to conceive naturally – and has also been linked to testicular cancer.
First author Rita Rahban, a doctoral candidate in genetics at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), said: “Low semen parameters values can reflect a man’s fertility. When a combination of values are low, a man’s ability to conceive is at risk.”
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Co author Dr Alfred Senn, a specialist in the male reproductive system at UNIGE, said: “We need to be cautious about a single semen analysis. It isn’t entirely predictive of a person’s fertility.
“But, in overall terms, the results suggest the sperm quality of young men in Switzerland is in a critical state and that their future fertility will in all likelihood be affected.”
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