Super-fast 5G launches this Thursday — see which compatible handsets are the best

Super-fast 5G launches this Thursday — see which compatible handsets are the best

BRITAIN gets super-fast 5G for mobiles from Thursday, promising an end to connection woes in busy areas and HD movies downloaded in seconds.
With the advent of 4G, the UK was years behind other countries — even Russia had it two years before its 2012 launch here. But not so with 5G.
5G arrives in Britain this week, finally putting an end to connection and download troubles
EE goes live in six cities on Thursday while Vodafone will be in seven cities from July 3. So what’s the fuss all about?
For many, 4G is plenty fast enough for now. But 5G has some key benefits — although you will need a 5G-compatible handset to benefit.
One selling point is better connection in crowded places such as train stations and sports stadiums where 4G networks struggle as lots of phones are used at once.
Another is being able to download a movie in half a minute or quicker — handy before boarding a train or plane.
Alamy Users will get better connection in crowded places and will have an increased download speed
Also, if you have poor broadband speed but a good 5G signal, you may be able to ditch the landline and get home wifi from 5G instead. Gaming will also be a part of the 5G experience.
Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a game that, like Pokémon Go, appears to put magical creatures into the real world — mixing animation with what the phone’s camera sees.
A faster connection means large numbers of people can play together.
But what 5G may enable in just a few years is even more exciting. Many apps we take for granted, such as Deliveroo or Uber, have been possible only because of 4G.
But 5G will enable a whole load more — many beyond what we can even imagine just now. It may even help to usher in driverless cars, some experts predict.
EE has a raft of deals but typically they are around £5 a month dearer than 4G. Vodafone says it will charge the same. Both come with perks, such as BT Sport for EE and Spotify for Vodafone.
But for both you will pay more than for a no-frills network such as GiffGaff, which does not offer the same perks.Which handset should I buy?
THE phones announced so far have entertainment in mind, as they all have big screens.
With Apple not set to launch its 5G iPhone until next year, here are some of the best handsets you can get sooner.
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G
The OnePlus 7 Pro offers a 6.67in display screen and a selfie camera that pops up when you need it
THE front is all screen with a 6.67in display. The 16MP selfie camera pops up out of the body of the phone when you need it. It can charge from zero to 50 per cent in 20 minutes.

£10-£170 upfront, then from £59 a month on EE

Samsung Galazy S10 5G
Samsung’s Galaxy S10 boasts four cameras on the back
THIS has a 6.7in display with front-facing camera and fingerprint unlock sensor buried in the screen. Four cameras on the back.

£10-£130 upfront, then from £69 a month on EE, £49 upfront then from £66 a month on Vodafone

Oppo Reno 5G
The Reno is exclusive to EE and comes with a hidden camera
ANOTHER handset with a hidden camera, which here swings up like a shark fin from inside. The Reno 5G has a remarkable 48MP rear camera. Exclusive to EE.

£10-£170 upfront, then from £54 a month on EE

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a very slick slider phone
THIS is a slider phone: The selfie camera is hidden in the rear section and appears when you push the 6.3in screen down. This is a very slick handset.

£49 upfront then from £54 a month on Vodafone

EE announces new 5G mobile network and data plans which will launch on the 30th of May


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