Sun girl reacts to Dua Lipa’s hunky ‘silver fox’ father at the Brit Awards

Sun girl reacts to Dua Lipa's hunky 'silver fox' father at the Brit Awards

QUICK, someone get me a DILF-fibrillator. Because there’s a new Dad I’d Like to, umm, Flirt with so hard that I’d need resuscitating afterwards.
To quote his daughter, singer Dua Lipa — he’s Hotter Than Hell.
Facebook Fans took to Twitter to say they were ‘lusting’ over Dua’s dad
The biggest breakthrough act of the Brits on Wednesday was Dukagjin Lipa, the 23-year-old star’s fit father, whose rampant sex appeal was noticed by host Jack Whitehall.
Even seemingly heterosexual Jack couldn’t help but gush over Mr Lipa during an interview with Dua, calling her old man a “silver fox”.
As the camera panned to a smiling Dukagjin — revealing he has perfectly straight gnashers and pulls off a tux better than Bond — the lower regions of many viewers around the country came alive.
Jack, inset, spoke for the nation when he said: “You know how much of a dad crush I have. He is the coolest dad. Look at Dukagjin! Can we get a camera on this guy?
Jack Whitehall said Dukagjin was the ‘best-looking dad in the music industry’
“The silver fox over here, the best-looking dad in the music industry. I want to do a dad swap — can you take mine?”
Luscious Mr Lipa was even cute enough to look embarrassed — making him both hot and humble. The lusty women of Britain swooned and, as they so often do, hit social media to share their perverted thoughts about a stranger.
“@DUALIPA Dad is HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!! screamed one on Twitter.
“Still lusting over Dua Lipa’s DILF dad this morning #SilverFox,” said another. “Dua Lipa’s dad really was the highlight of the show,” added a third.
Dua Lipa got her enthusiasm for music from her dad, who was in the music industry in Kosovo as part of the rock band Oda
I, and others, immediately forgot about Hugh Jackman prancing about on stage during the opening number, as a grin from Dukagjin made me want to kiss him on the Lipas.
Although seemingly bashful about all the attention he is getting, this 50-year-old damn-fine daddy is in fact no stranger to rock ’n’ roll.
In the Nineties he was a popular Kosovar Albanian rock star in a band called Oda and now runs a communications agency and Kosovo music festival, Sunny Hill.
Dukagjin also features prominently on Dua’s Instagram — maybe to broaden her appeal to a wider audience — and is often her plus-one at big events.
Dukagjin became embarrased when the focus shifted onto him
PA:Empics Entertainment Dua was joined at the Brits by dad Dukagjin, siblings Gjin and Rina and mum Anesa
He even accompanied her to the recent Grammys, looking typically fit in an Armani suit.
Like every good, er, package, he appears to have everything in life, with an equally attractive wife, Anesa and some other pretty, younger kids who aren’t famous. Yet.
The family came to Britain from Kosovo in 1992 amid the oppression that preceded the war. And all I can say is that it was Kosovo’s loss and our gain.
Sadly for Britain, Duk returned to Kosovo after the war ended in 1999 and set up the Sunny Hill festival in his home town of Pristina.
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Daughter Dua, who has headlined the festival, couldn’t be prouder of her handsome, kind, clever, hard-working, wealthy dad.
She posted on Father’s Day last year: “So proud of my dad who had an idea and a dream and is doing exactly what he said he would.” Swoon.
Sorry, Dua, but I’ve got some serious daddy issues.

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