Stunning satellite photos capture Great Britain from above in fascinating new BBC documentary Earth From Space

Stunning satellite photos capture Great Britain from above in fascinating new BBC documentary Earth From Space

GREAT Britain glows against the night sky in an incredible image taken from outer space.
Using over 300 images from 20 different satellites, BBC documentary Earth From Space demonstrates the beauty of our amazing planet.
BBC Britain was captured from space with veins of lights dotting the country
One of the pictures shows an aerial view of Britain illuminated by its lights – the cities becoming glowing clusters against the dark night sky.
Earth From Space will premiere on April 17 at 9pm on BBC One.
There are just four episodes in the series and they each last for an hour.
Series Producer Chloe Sarosh says: “The BBC is famous for delivering stunning natural history series with cameras on the ground, in the sea and in the air.
“With access to cameras in space this series tells the story of our planet and the natural world from a brand new perspective.”
BBC Singapore Harbour as seen from space. There are just four episodes on BBC in the series and they each last for an hour
BBC For those who still argue that the earth is flat, this beautiful image shows the stunning curve of the earth’s surface. This shot captures the Black Sea and Caspian Sea
BBC Sundarbans, the largest delta in the world, looks more like a work of art
BBC A group of elephants cast shadows on the dry plains of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve
BBC Of all the planets in our solar system, this is the only one known to harbour life
BBC The Albert River Delta in Queensland, Australia – the coast awash with the swirls of phytoplankton blooms
BBC Elephants in Northern Kenya
BBC Land is divided up into strips for farmers in Bolivia. The patterns of agriculture and how humans order nature are striking from space
BBC Winter snow caps the mountains of the Himalaya where snub-nosed monkeys eke out an existence in their peaks
BBC The Gulf of Mexico, North America. Between June and November, the Atlantic hurricane season threatens the people and animals who make their home on this coastline
BBC The Green River carves a canyon 300 metres deep as it snakes its way across the landscape
BBC A mysterious ring appears in the ice of Lake Baikal causing the ice around to break apart
BBC The Yukon Delta in Alaska drains into the Bering Sea
BBC Satellites are helping scientists and firefighters track the progress of wildfires in real time
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Time lapses of Earth from space


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