Student sends flatmates the perfect passive aggressive survey to remind them to take the bins out

Student sends flatmates the perfect passive aggressive survey to remind them to take the bins out

(Picture: Getty; Twitter/indiafknellis)If you’ve ever lived in a houseshare, you probably know the struggle of having flatmates who don’t pull their weight.
You don’t want to cause friction but also, you don’t want to have to deal with the overflowing bin again.
This student came up with the perfect passive agressive way to get her point across.
Ruth, a student at Lancaster University, lives in a house with 10 other people.
The tipping point came when she had taken the bins out for the fourth time in a row.
Hoping to get their attention, make them laugh and get the point that actually she’s not there to tidy up after them, Ruth created a survey.
She sent it to the group Whatsapp saying:
‘Guys can you please please please please pretty PLEEEEASE do this survey for me real quick. It’ll take like 30 seconds and it’s on a subject that’s really close and dear to my heart. Thankeeee.’
When they clicked on the link they found a few not so subtle questions.
The first one said: ‘Do you know where the bins are situated?’
The options to choose from were:
‘Of course, for I am a human being with eyes
‘Lol what is B I N.’
Question two said: ‘Are you aware that bins, when full, require emptying?’
And the options were: ‘I got into a top 10 uni, clearly I have more than three brain cells.’
or ‘Omg wot I just assumed the magical bin pixies do it when I’m asleep haha wot crazy.’
The third question added: ‘So how about emptying those bins once in a while, eh?’
And the answers were: ‘Of course, for I wish to create a happy and tidy living situation for my housemates, and strive towards a society where everyone contributes to make the world a better place.’
Or you could choose: ‘Yes of course my good friend Ruth, because it is all our rubbish after all.’
The final question was: ‘Did I create this survey PURELY because I’m salty about emptying all the bins for the fourth time in a row and wished to communicate this in a passive aggressive yet mildly witty way?’
And the only answers for that one were ‘yes’ or alternatively ‘yes’.
Ruth’s flatmate India posted the survey on Twitter and it seems lots of people thought it was great.

if anyone wanted an insight into living with students, my housemate has just sent this survey to the house chat for us to fill in
— ind i a (@indiafknellis) March 8, 2019

India said: ‘There’s 11 of us in the house, and only a few of us really pull our weight, which is what led Ruth to make the survey because it’s so annoying feeling like the only ones who do any work.
‘The tipping point was that Ruth had taken the bins out about four times in a row, I was in the kitchen with her and she was adamant she wouldn’t take the bins out again but then couldn’t bear to look at the overflowing bins so ended up taking them out.
‘It was raining so she came back in soaked through with soggy slippers and that’s when she made the survey.
‘Everyone in the house thought it was HILARIOUS although it hasn’t made any difference at all because the bin is still overflowing and nobody is rushing to empty it.’
Come on guys. Don’t make Ruth make another survey.
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