Stranger Things merch – from Nike to Lego to Demogorgon pool floats

Stranger Things merch – from Nike to Lego to Demogorgon pool floats

(Picture: Nike, Hasbro Gaming, Lego, Polaroid, Getty)If you’ve managed to recover from Stranger Things season three then we absolutely salute you.
Another series of wild rides has culminated, but it appears that the trend for everything to do with it has definitely not.
Stranger Things merchandise is popping off in a big way, as people covet the 80s imaging and nostalgia for a simpler time (minus the Demogorgon).
If you’re keen to rock garms like Eleven or have your home look like it was transplanted from Hawkins, here’s how.

Monopoly and other boardgames

(Picture: Amazon)We’re all a bit sick of Mayfair and Park Lane, so while not switch it up with new locations like Mike’s Basement and the Hawkins National Laboratory.
If you’re not a Monopoly fan, there are a whole load of board games that have been adapted to suit the show.
For example, this Eggo Card Game, and the Dungeons and Dragons Stranger Things game.

(Picture: Lego)If you build it they will come is what they normally say. Hopefully this isn’t the case this time around, as you’ll be building a mini replica of The Upside Down.
The set has over 2,200 pieces, and has eight Stranger Things minifigures as well as countless accessories.
It’s certainly pricey, but the realistic notes of this set absolutely make it.

(Picture: Bigmouth Inc.)We’re essentially showing you these just to make you feel bad, as they’re currently exclusive to Target in the US.
They are extremely cool, though. You can get one that looks like an Egg-O Waffle, one that looks like a 3D Demogorgon, and even a ride-on Dart.
The collection also has a Barb Missing milk carton beach towel. RIP.

(Picture: Nike)One of the more highly-anticipated collections relating to Stranger Things is the Nike one.
There are Hawkins High badged trainers (in retro Cortez and Blazer styles, of course), and plenty of PE kit vibes.
The tracksuit items look incredibly comfortable, and not too over-the-top to be obviously novelty.

(Picture: H&M)With the amount of pool action season 3 has seen, it was only right for us to get ST swimwear.
H&M has everything from swimsuits, to trunks, to sliders. There’s also a very jazzy Hawkins pool sun visor to live your 80s dreams.

(Picture: Levi’s)Wear jeans that are not only 80s inspired, but are emblazoned with pictures of all your favourite characters.
Better yet, team them with a matching denim jacket. Perfection.
The collection has all sorts, so if you’re not ready for double denim, you can still dip your toe in the look.

(Picture: Polaroid)Nothing is more nostalgic than a Polaroid camera, and the company really rose to the occasion for this one.
The camera itself as simple as the models you know and love, and you can also get special film that’s framed with Stranger Things patterns.

(Picture: Menkind)This officially licensed Stranger Things product lets guests know exactly what they’re getting themselves in for when they enter your gaff.
Allegedly, the coconut husk it’s made of ‘is harder than the skin of the Demogorgon’, so you’ll be protecting your home from any green goo splashes you might have stepped in out and about.

(Picture: Funko)Would any sci-fi show be complete without a range of Funko Pop figures?
Pictured is the Steve Ice Cream version, but all sorts of characters and outfits are available.
At the moment, they’re two for 18.99 too.

(Picture: Amazon)Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) is known for those curly locks, and although they’re normally not made of plants, this Chia Pet gives a pretty good representation.
You’ll get a pottery planter in the shape of Dustin’s face, which you then cover with seeds and watch grow.
Soon, you’ll have your very own green-headed Dustin replica.
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