Strange star hidden in Milky Way could be alien visitor ‘from another galaxy’, astronomers claim

Strange star hidden in Milky Way could be alien visitor 'from another galaxy', astronomers claim

A STRANGE star hidden in the Milky Way could be an intruder from a dwarf galaxy that was once ‘swallowed’ by our own.
Astronomers recently discovered that the celestial object is not like any of the other stars around it.
Getty – Contributor The strange star is thought to have come from an ancient galaxy that was absorbed by the Milky Way, the galaxy shown here is over 10 million light years away from Earth
The star is called J1124+4535 and shares the same constellation as the famous group of stars that make up the Big Dipper.
The researchers explained: “Stars like this one have been found in present-day dwarf galaxies. Providing the clearest chemical signature of past accretion events onto the Milky Way.”
Scientists used a special telescope to analyse the spectrum of light radiating from the star and found that this particular star didn’t contain anywhere near as much magnesium and iron chemicals as the other stars around it.
This is so unusual because stars form from clouds of interstellar gas and stars close together are assumed to have come from the same cloud and should therefore have the same chemical makeup.
Getty – Contributor Similar stars have been observed outside of the Milky Way but never inside
Therefore star J1124+4535 must be from a different place altogether.
A follow up study confirmed these findings and also discovered that the alien star contained a large amount of a chemical called europium, so much in fact that it has more than the Sun.
This mixture of chemicals is unlike anything ever seen in the rest of the Milky Way and is solid evidence that this star could be a lonely remnant of a galaxy that is gone forever.
Although this star is a rare outsider in our galaxy, it is not alone in the Universe as other stars like it have been observed outside the Milky Way.
This study about this strange star has been published in Nature Astronomy.
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In other news, a top scientists has said that alien life discovery is ‘inevitable and possibly imminent’.
The US Navy recently admitted that it had recorded “multiple” UFO sightings over top secret military bases.
And, an ‘alien’ grain of dust fired at Earth by ancient exploding star has been found buried in Antarctica.
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