Straight people are confused about these Pride manicures

Straight people are confused about these Pride manicures

(Picture: Getty)There are still some very innocent souls in this world, as a picture of a ‘Pride manicure’ has demonstrated.
Various women shared pictures over the weekend of their ‘Pride manicure’ which features long pointy nails, bar one hand which has short nails on the middle and index finger.

My nails for Pride
— princess 💗💜💙 (@_actualprincess) June 8, 2019

(Picture: Twitter/MelloTheRiot)While most people appreciated the humour, there were plenty of people commenting saying ‘shame about the broken nails’ or ‘I don’t get it.’
Well sweet souls, we’re sorry to shatter your innocence but the shorter nails are to allow the nail-wearer to engage in girl-on-girl sexy time without causing any discomfort to a vulva.
Those pointy nails look great, but they’re a bit on the stabby side to be putting in your most intimate areas.
After all, it doesn’t matter how hot the girl is, no-one is worth getting vag lacerations for.


Happy pride everyone!

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