Stolen Apple prototypes are ‘being used to crack iPhone security’ – and give hackers direct access to your info

Stolen Apple prototypes are 'being used to crack iPhone security' – and give hackers direct access to your info

HACKERS are buying stolen Apple prototypes for thousands of pounds in a devious bid to find new ways to break into your iPhone.
The nicked handsets give cyber crooks easy access to Apple’s operating system, allowing them to crack the iPhone’s famously secure software.
Getty – Contributor Hackers have a devious new way to break into iPhones (stock)
Gadgets are taken from Apple’s production lines and sold online, Motherboard reports.
The ultimate booty is a prototype or “dev-fused” iPhone, which is only meant to be used by Apple engineers.
The units have most of their security functions disabled, and so are highly prized in the cyber underworld because they are easy to break into.
Once inside, hackers have unadulterated access to the inner working of the iPhone, allowing them to figure out new ways to hack people’s phones.
Dev-fused phones sell for thousands of pounds a pop on the “grey market”, a Motherboard investigation found.
Getty Images – Getty Gadgets are taken from Apple’s production lines and sold online (stock)
Once acquired, the units can be “rooted” and used to find a hack that could be used on consumer iPhones.
They also have the potential to be used by sinister governments and law enforcement agencies looking to spy on citizens.
Apple is reportedly aware of the issue.
Inside sources said the company has locked down its Foxconn and other facilities in a bid to stop prototype devices going missing.
Apple was not immediately available for comment.
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