Spurs and Liverpool fans ‘come together to boo rubbish Champions League opening ceremony’ in what is sure to upset Uefa

Spurs and Liverpool fans 'come together to boo rubbish Champions League opening ceremony' in what is sure to upset Uefa

LIVERPOOL and Tottenham Hotspur fans united in booing the Champions League opening ceremony before Saturday’s final.
US rock band Imagine Dragons took centre stage at Estadio Wanda Metropolitano in a glitzy show.
2 The Wanda Metropolitano covered the pitch for the showCredit: PA:Press Association
2 Imagine Dragons headlined the ceremonyCredit: Getty – Contributor
Sparks were jettisoned into the air during the performance, accompanied by several drummers strewn across the dark blue tarpaulin that covered the pitch.
However, the fans inside the ground were clearly eager to just get on with the game.
And supporters online agreed, lamenting how the pre-game antics obstructed from the football.
These opinions will no doubt annoy UEFA, who have long prided themselves in rivalling the showcases put on by FIFA and American football.
Spurs supporter Majang hoped his side would change the atmosphere in their favour, tweeting: “To be fair, this is the worst opening ceremony of all time. Spurs, kindly step up and release the most outstanding performance.”
Even fans of other teams agreed with their rivals in Madrid.
Manchester United account Seosamh added that it was: “Utterly cringeworthy!!”
Another Twitter user said: “In football no one cares about opening ceremonies plus it’s a joke about UEFA choosing Imagine Dragons.”
Journalist Miguel Delaney commented: “The two sets of fans brilliantly coming together to boo that rubbish.”

Ryan posted: “God that “opening ceremony” was such a momentum kill.”
However, some admitted to enjoying the spectacle.
Emmanuel tweeted: “Champions League opening ceremony better than any Superbowl halftime show that I’ve seen lmao.”
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