Spanish police hit Celtic fans with batons and ‘fire rubber bullets’ in violent scenes on streets of Valencia

Spanish police hit Celtic fans with batons and 'fire rubber bullets' in violent scenes on streets of Valencia

SPANISH police hit Celtic fans with batons and reportedly fired rubber bullets in nasty scenes on the streets of Valencia.
The Scottish side are in Spain for the second leg of their Europa League last 32 clash on Thursday night.
Twitter Celtic fans clashed with Spanish police in violent scenes on the streets of Valencia
Twitter This image appears to show a policeman firing a rubber bullet
Twitter Police hit Celtic fans with batons in nasty clashes on the streets of Valencia
But the mood turned nasty on the eve of the game with videos circulating on social media showing cops swinging batons at Celtic fans.
In one video gun fire is heard and fans online claimed rubber bullets were fired towards them.
In another clip a group of Celtic fans are forced to dash down the street to get away from officers.
But the cops catch up with them and violently smack the ones at the back of the crowd with their batons.
The Scots shout and swear back at them as they vent their frustration.

Twitter Social media users suggested police were firing rubber bullets at fans
Twitter Spanish police and Celtic fans clashed on the eve of Thursday’s Europa League game
A second clip shows a large group of Hoops gathered drinking outside some bars.
A string of coppers swoop in and push and drag some away before unleashing their truncheons again.
One punter is seen lying on the deck although it’s not clear what caused that.
Fans are forced to retreat as the batons are yet again swung towards their legs.
A final video shows a group of fans across a busy road once again having their limbs targeted by violent officers.
Twitter Spanish police confront Celtic supporters in Valencia
Kenny Ramsay – The Sun Glasgow Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic side are 2-0 down heading into the second leg
One of the uploaders posted claiming the attacks were random and fans hadn’t done anything to justify it.
Fans back home reacted with fury upon seeing the footage.
One said: “Pretty shocking stuff. Battons out and in riot gear? What’s the justification?”
Another wrote: “Disgusting behaviour from the polis they are hooligans in uniform stay safe Bhoys hail hail.”
Michael McDevitt added: “I think this is absolutely shocking behaviour from the police. Celtic fans have the label of the best behaved fans in the World. Stay safe Bhoys and Ghirls. Enjoy the game have fun.”


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