Sonic The Hedgehog movie delayed as massive outcry forces a redesign of its hideous hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog movie delayed as massive outcry forces a redesign of its hideous hedgehog

THE upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie is being delayed until 2020.
It was meant to be coming out this November, but the film’s director has now confirmed it’s planned for release on Valentine’s Day next year.
Paramount Pictures It was the teeth lurking in Sonic’s mouth that evoked the most visceral reactions
After being savaged online, the director of the new Sonic the Hedgehog film promised “changes” to the character design earlier in the month.
Those changes are clearly so extensive — as they needed to be — it’s added three months to the production schedule.
Fowler’s latest tweet showed Sonic’s hand holding up a sign saying “2 14 20” – the 14th of February 2020, in American date format.
It was accompanied by the words “Taking a little more time to make Sonic just right.”
The picture might offer a hint as to one of the changes that’s coming — Sonic is clearly wearing a glove, as he does in the video games.
One of fan’s many, many complaints about the movie version of the character was that he had lost the gloves and instead just had the fur on his paws bleached white.
The horrifyingly toothy hedgehog was slammed by fans when he was first revealed at the end of last year, and that only intensified when the first trailer for the movie was released earlier this month.
Paramount Sonic did look less horrifying in some posters where he was in action, to be fair

In it, the speedy video game hero was shown with long bandy arms, muscular legs and an all-over covering of fuzz.
The film version, compared by some to a child in a fursuit, also had little beady eyes and disturbingly human teeth.
Fans were not happy.
“If we had not committed great sins, god would not have sent punishment like this upon us,” one wag said on Twitter, “it is what we deserve. it is what we are owed. This disgusting Sonic the Hedgehog.”
Fowler came out and quickly promised changes in light of the reaction.
“The message is loud and clear,” Jeff Fowler said.
“You aren’t happy with the design and you want changes,” he continued, before promising such changes were “going to happen”.
He didn’t offer any specifics, other than that the studio and Sega (who created the titular spiny mammal) were “fully committed to making this character the BEST he can be.”
The movie Sonic (left) differs quite substantially from even his 3D video-game versions
Sonic’s form hasn’t changed that much over the years
The movie is currently due for release on November 8, so the VFX teams can expect to be putting in some serious overtime hours over the coming weeks if serious changes are now planned.
Some artists have already had a crack at redesigning the character to bring him closer to his original video-game look, with some getting a lot of attention.
One from artist Edward Pun has been liked by over 300,000 people on Twitter.
Fans reacted to Fowler’s announcement of changes with relief and praise.

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Others expressed worry for the workload of the creative team, who now face a very tight deadline to turn changes around and rework a fundamental aspect of the film, pushing what was no doubt already a very tight schedule into disarray.
“We wouldn’t even mind a delay if it meant fixing our boy, I would happily wait if it meant making the product the best it could be,” said one fan, while another just said “It sounds like you hate your animation department almost as much as you hate Sonic.”
Meanwhile, in cheerier gaming news it looks like Borderlands 3 might be coming to the Google Stadia streaming service.

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