Social care system in crisis as more people need help but ‘fewer are getting it’

Social care system in crisis as more people need help but 'fewer are getting it'

THE social care system is at breaking point, with more people asking for support but fewer receiving it, figures show.
There were 1.84 million new requests in 2017/18, up two per cent in two years.
Getty England’s social care system is at ‘crisis point’ with more people requesting support but fewer receiving it
But almost 13,000 fewer people were granted help, the study by the influential King’s Fund think tank found.
It also said local councils’ spending on social care is now £700million below what it was in 2010/11 in real terms.
And while 7,000 more working-age people are receiving long-term support in England compared with 2015/16, there has been a drop of more than 20,000 older people getting it.
Eighteen per cent of working-age people report a disability, up from 15 per cent in 2010/11. But 22 per cent of older people say they need support but do not get it.
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The report’s lead author, Simon Bottery, said: “There is little evidence that the Government understands or is willing to act on these trends, despite the impact on older and disabled people, their families and carers.”
Labour’s shadow minister for mental health Barbara Keeley said: “There is still no sign of the Government’s social care green paper that was promised over two years ago — and vulnerable older people have needlessly suffered as a result.”
Labour’s Barbara Keeley says older people have suffered as there has been no sign of the Government’s social care green paper which was promised over two years ago
Conservative party unveil General Election manifesto which includes ‘a social care revolution’


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