Smug Extinction Rebellion eco-wallies don’t see they are actually causing pollution

Smug Extinction Rebellion eco-wallies don't see they are actually causing pollution

IT takes some doing to give saving the planet a bad name.
But that has been the dubious achievement of the gormless middle-class eco-muppets who brought ­London to a grinding halt this week.
PA:Press Association Extinction Rebellion protesters caused chaos in London this week but their demo actually made the environment worse
Getty – Contributor Protesters added to the problems by causing spikes in air pollution during rush hour
No cause could be more noble. Our world is getting hotter. Our air is becoming toxic.
The planet that our children and grandchildren will inherit from us is in a horribly precarious state.
But the well-heeled, self-satisfied hippies who have polluted the capital with their hot air this week are not part of the solution.
They are part of the problem. Hear this, you ­pampered, privileged, privately- educated bunch of virtue-signalling pussies — you do not change the world by making someone else’s life a misery.
Our dying planet will not be saved by bolting a pink boat to Oxford Circus.
The Earth will not be restored to Eden-like purity while you litter Waterloo Bridge with your single-use plastic bottles.
And — isn’t it bloody obvious? — the air will not be made pure by stopping the traffic.
Just how stupid are these ­expensively educated eco-wallies?
The children of London have been made to breathe higher levels of nitrogen oxides as a direct result of the long traffic jams that have been caused by Extinction Rebellion, the posh left-wing garbage behind the protests.
The London Air Quality Network reports that the ­gridlock caused by the protests resulted in massive spikes of toxic traffic emissions ­during every ­morning rush hour this week.
“When vehicles are idling or stopped they give off higher ­emissions than free-flowing traffic,” says Dr Prashant Kumar, a professor of air quality and health at the ­University of Surrey.
Isn’t this simple common sense?
Reuters The protests were a real own goal
You do not improve air quality when you paralyse public transport.
You simply poison our children, you sanctimonious, kale-munching cretins.
So I do wish they would wipe those stupid smiles off their smug faces.
Their unthinking actions have done real harm to the environmental causes they pretend to care about.
They have, quite literally, made the environment far worse than it was before they arrived.
And beyond the quality of the air they’ve poisoned, their ludicrous antics have had a real impact on working men and women, who were attempting to earn a living and feed their families.
“London is open for business,” Sadiq Khan, London’s ridiculous little mayor, loves to proclaim. But London wasn’t open for business this week.
London had to shut down so some middle-class morons could feel good about themselves.
Matt, the owner of a delivery firm in South London, called in to tell LBC’s Nick Ferrari that he had sacked almost half his workforce as a direct result of the disruption caused by the protests.
“I’m in the transport industry and I run 25 vans,” Matt told Nick. “Today I’ve got to turn around and terminate ten drivers because they can’t make deliveries in central London.
“They’re now gone for good from my company. It’s costing me money. The damage this is causing is ­unbelievable.”
Real jobs lost. Real poisons puked into the air by all that stalled, idling traffic.
AFP Police had to waste their time dealing with the protests rather than the murderous knife epidemic in London
PA:Press Association Police were also too reluctant to be forceful with protesters, only doing so as a last resort
A real drain on the resources of a police force that should be dealing with the murderous knife epidemic among our children.
I could have blushed for the ­Met Police.
These protests were a massive job-shredding, economy-damaging, air- polluting, chaos-causing catastrophe for the capital.
And the police treated it as though it was the Notting Hill carnival.
The Met’s top brass got it horribly wrong, obliging coppers on the street to show what good sports they are.
Skateboarding, punching the air to some banging sounds, doing a little dance. Truly pathetic.
And to the protestors with their double-barrelled names and single-barrelled brains, I ask: “How dare you? How dare you shut down our city? How dare you poison our children?
“How dare you look so pleased with yourselves when ordinary people couldn’t get to work, pick up their kids or see their doctor?
“How dare you look so smug when you are doing real damage to this poor, over-heated planet?”
The hypocrisy has been truly staggering.
PA:Press Association Emma Thompson showed herself up as the biggest hypocrite of all
Dame Emma Thompson jetted back from Los Angeles, flying 5,456 air miles to join the demo, darling.
Marvellous — even if Emma’s flight from La La Land did leave a three-ton carbon footprint, and even if Extinction Rebellion believes that planes should only be used for real emergencies. Such as seeing your agent in Hollywood, presumably.
Although the police tried to look a bit more butch over Easter, when Extinction Rebellion decided it would be a jolly jape to shut down Heathrow, the bitter truth is that the protesters were given the freedom of London this week.
Thanks to the pathetically servile attitude of the police, and the supine attitude of Sadiq Khan — who blamed the whole mess on the wicked Tories! — the protesters have paid no price for their protests.
What is Extinction Rebellion and what do they want?
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The cost was paid by others. By the driver who got laid off work. By the working-class child on an estate who was forced to breathe the poisoned air of traffic jams.
By the family who set off for Heathrow wondering if they were going to be allowed to go on holiday.
And I wondered if Channel 4’s Jon Snow has ever seen so many middle-class white people in one place?
These eco-wallies made the average pro-Brexit march look as diverse as the Christmas knees-up at the United Nations.

Sinitta hit so wrong for today
Splash News The world has changed over the past three decades but Sinitta is just as daring
SINITTA would not be allowed to get away with So Macho these days.
“I don’t want no seven stone weakling or a boy who thinks he’s a girl,” sang Sinitta in her 1985 chart-topper.
“I’m after a hunk of a guy – an experienced man of the world,” she confessed.
“If I have a man tonight, he’s gotta be right, right, right.”
In the age of #MeToo, So Macho is a breathtaking case of sexist gender-stereotyping that would result in a furious Twitter storm. Angry hashtags – #NoMacho – would soon be going viral.
No enlightened snowflake could possibly condone, “I’m tired of taking the lead – I want a man who will dominate me.”
The world is very different today.
So it was good to see
Sinitta’s new version of So Macho is a must watch
, now 55, stepping out 34 years after So Macho looking barely changed
And barely dressed. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner says she struggled to deal with trolls
GAME Of Thrones star Sophie Turner – Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell – says that comments online mocking her looks made her feel suicidal when she was younger.
The digital sewer of social media will always be a playground for bullies.
We need to start teaching our children that there is no law compelling them to read this crap.

Workout like a dogDOG owners are “four times more likely to be fit” than those sad souls who live their lives mutt-free.
I don’t doubt it.
Thanks to Stan, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I spend countless hours every year tramping fields in all kinds of weather.
If it wasn’t for Stan, I would be in bed.
With a hangover. And a bag of crisps.
Dogs live heartbreakingly short, accelerated lives.
One day I know that Stan’s life will be over.
My one consolation is that I will surely not be very far behind him.

Instagram Don McLean’s new lover is 48 years his junior
AMERICAN Pie singer Don McLean, 73, is “dating” lingerie model Paris Dylan, 25 – a near half-century age gap that might have even Mick Jagger raising a wry eyebrow.
Don initially hired Paris to handle his, er, social media accounts.
Social Media Paris Dylan has wooed singer Don
The world will mock but I have to say I never saw Don McLean smile like that back in the Seventies.
He looks like all his digital needs are being lavishly well handled.

Inspired by brave Victoria
SWNS:South West News Service Victoria Komada is so brave, overcoming a series of operations to lead a normal life
VICTORIA KOMADA, three, was born with bilateral tibial hemimelia – a one-in-a-million condition of missing bones and deformed limbs that meant her feet were back to front.
Victoria faced having both legs amputated until her mum and dad raised £180,000 for life-changing surgery in the US.
This brave little girl endured a succession of painful operations.
Her right leg was amputated above the knee.
Screws were inserted into her legs to manipulate her limbs.
The bones in her left leg were fused together for strength.
Victoria can now walk, run and play sport. Her story is an inspiration to all of us.
And so is her smile.
Brexit breakTHERE was only ever one certainty about Brexit.
There was no way our wonderful MPs were going to let it prevent them from going on their Easter holidays.

Trio could never compete with Ali
PA:Press Association Anthony Joshua is yet to face heavyweight rivals Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury
THE new golden age of heavyweight boxing is fizzling out.
The meaty trinity of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and ­Deontay Wilder should set up the most interesting battles of the big men since Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman were all in their pomp.
But conflicting TV deals and promoters mean that AJ, Fury and Wilder look set to avoid each other.
No doubt Joshua, Fury and Wilder will all become rich men by beating up bums in the ring for the next few years.
But as long as they steer clear of the danger that comes with fighting each other, not one of them will ever be the stuff of legend.
Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua continues hard sparring ‘inspired by Mike Tyson’ after Miller fails drug test all-but ending fight hope


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