Slash your £154 BBC TV licence fee by using a black-and-white screen, living with a student or getting a ‘break’ refund

Slash your £154 BBC TV licence fee by using a black-and-white screen, living with a student or getting a 'break' refund

THE BBC has faced a raft of criticism this week for axing free licences for the over-75s.
Bosses claimed they couldn’t afford the benefit, at the same time as they handed out £11million pay rises to their best stars.
1 Pensioners can no longer enjoy the perk of watching TV for freeCredit: PA:Press Association
Currently a standard TV licence costs £154.50.
If you can’t afford to pay for the big bonuses celebs are receiving, there are legal loopholes.
Well if you don’t want to fork out anything, you won’t need a licence if you never watch or record live television – only watching on catch-up.
According to TV Licencing, there are only 2 per cent of households that actually fall into this category.
You are watching live TV if you view the feed on a TV set, a computer monitor, a smartphone, tablet, laptop or headset that is projected on to a wall.
Students will not have to pay the fee if they are living away at university and are watching live TV or iPlayer on “devices powered by their own battery”.
You can also be covered if your home address has a TV licence and are watching TV from a device that is not plugged into a mains socket.
You will be able to get a reduced fee if you let go of your colour TV.
The TV licence fee for colour TV’s costs £154.50.
But for black and white appliances, the fee is slashed to £52.
If you go away, or are away fro home, you can apply to have your payments refunded.
For example, if you travel for three months before your licence expires, you can claim money for the time you weren’t at home.
But refunds are to given for “midway breaks” – if a person goes away and returns during the span of a 12-month licence.
People who live with someone who is either blind or severely sight-impared could claim back 50 per cent of their licence fee.
You will be required t provide a photocopy of a document from your local authority or ophthalmologist to confirm the disability.
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This week, the BBC announced the sales of TV licences fell for the first time in a year.
Viewers are shunning the licence in favour of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
From June 2020, around 3.7million pensioners will have to shell out to watch TV.
​Piers Morgan vows to pay for D-day veteran Thomas Cuthbert’s BBC licence fee ​

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