Single mum, 57, was ‘ten minutes’ from death as first date maniac used ‘lion kill choke’ on her in merciless FOUR-HOUR beating

Single mum, 57, was 'ten minutes' from death as first date maniac used ‘lion kill choke’ on her in merciless FOUR-HOUR beating

A SINGLE mum was just “ten minutes” away from death after her maniac first date used a ‘lion kill choke’ martial arts move on her during a merciless FOUR hour attack.
Horrific images show the injuries Elaine Caparroz’s was left with after Vinicius Serra, 27, allegedly suffered a ‘psychotic blackout’ and assaulted her inside her Rio de Janeiro apartment.
FocusOn Elaine, Caparroz, was just 10 minutes away from death after her first date used a martial arts move on her
FocusOn Vinicius Serra, 27, allegedly beat Caparroz for four hours at the end of their first date
The 57-year-old suffered multiple fractures to her face, including a broken nose, severe damage to the orbital bones around her eyes, lost teeth and injuries inside her mouth that needed more than 40 stitches.
Security guard Juciley Andrade, 44, told police that if he had waited another 10 to 15 minutes to enter her apartment, “she would not be alive today”, Agencia Brasil reported.
Neighbours intervened when they heard her desperate screams for help and alerted the building’s security guards last Saturday.
When guards entered the apartment, they found the seriously injured victim lying on the floor with blood splattered throughout the rooms.
Caparroz, who owns a landscaping business, invited Serra, a law student, to her home for dinner last Friday.
It was the first time they had met after eight months of chatting on social media.
But at around 1am on Saturday, after they slept together, Serra launched his brutal attack.
Local Brazilian newsapper Folha de Pernambuco reported that he used the deadly jiu jitsu move known as ‘lion kills’ to strangle her with an intent of killing her.
Caparroz said she was punched, kicked and bitten on her arms and legs as she tried to protect herself and escape her aggressor.
While recovering in hospital, her family tried their best to stop her seeing her wounds.
But when she got hold of a mirror, her brother Rogerio Peres revealed how she bitterly cried.
He told oglobonews: “Her face is still very swollen, she cannot even open her right eye.
“The moment she looked at herself in the mirror, she was very shaken and realised the gravity of what had happened to her.”
Speaking from her hospital bed, the victim recalled the attack in harrowing detail.
She said: “He tried to put me in a strangle hold. I put my hands up to prevent him from completing the move, but then he bit me on my arms.
I tried to defend myself but each punch he gave me I thought I was going to die.Elaine
“He was on top of me and he kept punching me again and again… I woke up with him punching me in the face.
Capparoz, who is hte widow of MMA legend Ryan Gracie, used the Jiu-Jitsu move ‘x defence’ to save her life.
So proud of his mum, Rayron dropped out of jiu-jitsu training to lie with her on her hospital bed.
He posted a photo of his visit on Instagram with the caption: “Warrior”.’PSYCHOTIC OUTBREAK’
Under police questioning, Serra claimed that he had drunk a lot of wine and then fallen asleep.
He reportedly told officers he freaked out when he woke up and suffered “a psychotic outbreak” which “forced” him to “hit Elaine for four hours”.
Detective Adriana Belém said: “We believed this is a case of attempted femicide.
“We still do not know the motivation for the crime and we are working on piecing the facts together.”
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According to investigators, Serra apparently tried to disguise who he was when he arrived at the condominium.
He allegedly gave the doorman a false name, identifying himself as Felipe, which was the name he signed in the guest book.
On Monday, a judge ruled the perpetrator should be detained behind bars pending investigations.
“Releasing the suspect could generate more fear for the victim who is already shaken by such a serious crime being allegedly committed in her residence,” the magistrate said.
Elaine owns a landscaping business and had been talking to Serra for eight months before the pair went on a date
FocusOn Elaine with her son Rayron Gracie, as she recovers in hospital
She lost teeth, suffered a broken nose, and the bones around her eyes were broken
Elaine’s blood was smeared throughout her apartment
Her skin was covered in dark bruises from her horrific ordeal
Elaine said that she thought she was going to die as her date attacked her
Elaine Caparroz was beaten for four hours after she and her date fell asleep on the sofa

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