Sims 4 Island Living expansion is out now, bringing mermaids, dolphins and the first-ever official trans Sim

Sims 4 Island Living expansion is out now, bringing mermaids, dolphins and the first-ever official trans Sim

THE SIMS 4’s latest expansion pack, Island Living, is out now.
It opens up a whole new world – the Pacific island paradise of Sulani – complete with sandy beaches to play on and, for the first time, an ocean to swim in.
3 The beach is a great spot for fun and mischiefCredit: EA
There are also canoes, jetskis and other boats for those who want a slightly less immersive experience too.
A bunch of new careers give your Sims a chance to explore new avenues in life – and if you set them down the Conservationist route, you’ll see the fruits of their labour all across the island.
Those who prefer their Sims to have a more relaxed life can eschew jobs and spend the day fishing up their supper, before unwinding at a tiki bar or around a barbecue pit at night.
The most extreme addition is the fact you can now make Mermaid Sims, complete with special powers and extra aquatic options when you’re building them a place to live.
3 You can meet and create Mermaid Sims in Island living, with all that entails
As well as making Sims to live on Sulani, you can also send your existing Sims there on vacation – and dress them appropriately.
As you’d hope the expansion comes with a huge range of tropical and beach attire, with everything from water wings to sarongs provided.

The Sims 4: Island Living, £34.99 on Amazon UK – buy it now

There are nods to the ‘local’ culture too, with tribal tattoos added to your creation options as well cultural activities dotted around the island.
There is also no shortage of new furniture too, whether you want to build your Sims a Tiki bar back home, finally let them lounge properly by the pool or just give their back yard a more tropical flair.
3 The new Conservationist career lets you have an impact on the island as a whole, making everything that little bit prettier
Island Living also brings the first pre-made transgender Sim to the series, as spotted by YouTuber lilsimsie.
Gender options were opened up shortly after the launch of Sims 4, when restrictions were lifted on how players could mix and match hair styles, clothing types and body shapes, but this is the first time a trans Sim into a pre-made family.
It also features a lesbian couple, the second same-sex couple in the game.
That comes hot on the heels of a free Pride content update for The Sims 4 and other Sims games.
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The Sims 4: Island Living, £34.99 on Amazon UK – buy it now

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