Shopper upset to learn Poundland rubber ducks only float upside down

Shopper upset to learn Poundland rubber ducks only float upside down

A SHOPPER who bought rubber ducks from Poundland watched in amazement as they all flipped over in the bath.
Dominika Dubrowska, 34, bought the toys as an impulse buy for her flat.
But when she put them in her tub they upended one by one, and would only float upside down with their heads submerged.
Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Dominika Dubrowska was upset her ducks did not float correctly
Chef Dominika saw the funny side and contacted the budget chain for a response.
She joked that she was “seriously concerned about the ducks’ wellbeing and health”.
Dominika said: “I’ve worked in hospitality for years and you get all sorts of complaints so I thought, let’s see how they handle this one.
“What will Poundland do, and will they even reply?”
The firm apologised and offered to refund her for the ducks — which cost £1 for a pack of four.
Poundland wrote: “You are right to be concerned about their wellbeing.
“Rubber ducks are happiest when they’re floating in the tub and I’m afraid if they can’t achieve buoyancy it may be best to return them to the store.”
Dominika said: “I was really impressed with the way that they went along with it, it was professional and really really funny.
“They took to the situation like a duck to water!”
Dominika, who bought the “In da tub rubber ducks” from a branch near her home in Bow, East London, refused a refund.
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She admitted: “I got in the bath and had a great laugh that my ducks were upside down.
“I’m actually more attached to them because of it.”
When told of the issue, a good-humoured Poundland spokesman said: “F*** a duck. We’re trying to get to the bottom of this!”
Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Wrong way up… Poundland offered a refund eventually
The Sun With the water drained, the ducks stayed upside down
Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Dominika bought the ducks from Poundland’s Bow store

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