Shocking moment smirking yob shoves screaming female cyclist into hedge as he speeds past in car

Shocking moment smirking yob shoves screaming female cyclist into hedge as he speeds past in car

A SHOCKING video shows thugs in a car speeding along a country lane before pushing an unsuspecting female cyclist into a hedge.
The yobs deliberately slow down just enough to pull alongside the woman when one in the back seat gives her a shove.
Facebook In the video a group of yobs can be seen speeding before pulling up alongside a cyclist to shove her off her bike
As the woman falls into the hedge on her bike and the car speeds away she can be heard shouting: “F*** off you f****** k***head!”
It looks as though the video was filmed by a passenger in the front feat, and since being uploaded to numerous sites on social media yesterday the clip has been viewed over 300,000 times.
It is not known where or when this video was shot, but one viewer claimed to recognise a back road in Kirkby, Merseyside.
At the beginning of the clip the car can be heard recklessly speeding down the road passing hedges.
After pushing the poor cyclist, one of the members of the gang can be heard laughing at her reaction.
One person who shared the viral clip commented: “Sure that’s the back road to Kirkby from Simonswood as well yeno hahahaha.”
Imagine wanting to hurt another person just because they ride a bikeOutraged cyclist after watching video
Another viewer was more shocked by the footage: “What an utter b***end. In no way is that funny – come try knock me off my bike and I will feed your car to you bit by bit.”
A third said: “What kind of a c***ish p***k does that… this country is f*****.”
Another added: “Imagine wanting to hurt another person just because they ride a bike, Christ alive what a c***.”
One person who witnessed the video said they “hope he takes a corner too fast and ploughs into a hedge himself”.
However, some people thought the video was funny but agreed it is something they shouldn’t laugh at.
One wrote: “On one hand this is terrible, dangerous and I do hope she’s OK, but on the other hand it’s f****** hilarious.”
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Another weighed in: “That’s assault. I shouldn’t laugh but I did a smidge.”
Wales rugby star Ian Gough also shared it on Twitter and could see both sides.
He said: “Massively dangerous and as a cyclist can’t believe someone thought this was fun. My super ego might have secretly laughed on the inside though #dontdoit #dangerous.”
Facebook The poor cyclist is shoved off the road and into a bush after being pushed by a back seat passenger
Facebook The boys can be heard laughing as the woman shouts at them while they speed off

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