Shame on all the MPs who have betrayed the Brexit will of 17.4m Brit people — we’re Brex-sick of the lot of you

Shame on all the MPs who have betrayed the Brexit will of 17.4m Brit people — we’re Brex-sick of the lot of you

SHAME on them all. Shame on Labour. Shame on the Tory Remainers, the hardcore Brexiteers and the DUP.
On Friday the Commons finally betrayed Brexit and the 17.4million majority.
Reuters Theresa May with Andrea Leadsom and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox during the House of Commons vote that saw the PM’s deal rejected for a third time
It was sickening to watch MPs whoop and snigger after voting to thwart the biggest democratic mandate in our history and continue this terrifying, damaging chaos.
A General Election may now be inevitable. Before that we may have to endure another vote on this same deal next week.
Today should have been our first day of independence from the EU since 1973. Instead it is now possible, probable even, that Brexit will never happen.
Instead of being out, MPs have contrived to put Britain’s fate in EU hands. Three years after voting to leave we face the global humiliation of having to field new candidates in Brussels elections.
That is down to the abject failure and contemptible dishonesty of the worst crop of politicians of our lifetimes.
Given a clear choice by Theresa May, to guarantee Brexit or continue to oppose and jeopardise it, 344 chose the latter.
And the lion’s share of blame falls to Corbyn’s liars. Ever since the referendum of June 23, 2016, Labour have ­pretended they respect the result. When it came to the crunch they refused.
Why? To appease Remainers. And because unleashing mayhem on the Tories is far more important to them than worried workers and families, or businesses paralysed by uncertainty.
With Labour, party always trumps country. And their Marxist revolution can only arise from the ashes of chaos.
Labour had no reason to defeat the Withdrawal Agreement. It commits to everything they wanted. Even their own “plan” is based on it. So they concocted an excuse about it being a “blind Brexit” which fails to nail down our future.

Brexit chaos as MPs reject PM’s EU withdrawal agreement for a third time by 344 votes by 286 – a majority of 58
Yet these same people are willing on political anarchy. They back a “people’s vote” without a clue what the question would be or what disorder it might unleash. So much for “blind” options.
We hope Leave voters are watching.
They were not betrayed by the Tories. This minority Government, outnumbered by Remainers, at least made a deal to ensure Brexit happened.
No . . . Corbyn and his acolytes have stopped Brexit and almost certainly triggered a delay long enough to overturn the Leave vote.
As for the others, the Tory Remain diehards are beyond hope. So, it now seems, are the ERG purists still unable to see the freight train thundering down the tracks.
They think they are honouring 17.4million votes. But their ridiculous protest against their own Government risks overturning every one. If Brexit is destroyed, they will not escape blame.
Nor will the DUP “hardliners” now apparently seeking the softest possible Brexit. What flimsy allies they proved.
And let’s not forget Speaker Bercow, the embodiment of the stinking decay at the heart of this Parliament, twisting rules to get the second referendum he craves. A man who scuppered a Labour backbench amendment he knew could help the Government secure Brexit.
Our future is now uncertain. MPs may back a permanent EU customs union on Monday. How can a Tory leader enact a move to destroy Brexit’s economic case?
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Or preside over a second referendum?
If, then, there’s an election, who knows who would win? Or even what policies either main party would stand on?
But at least we could all chuck out these cynical, dishonest, game-playing charlatans.
Reuters Theresa May’s deal was opposed by 344 MPs, jeopardising Brexit
©UK Parliament/Mark Duffy Jeremy Corbyn and his liars must take the majority of the blame for continuing to appease Remainers
©UK Parliament/Mark Duffy Speaker John Bercow has twisted rules to try get the second referendum he craves
London News Pictures Thousands of pro-Brexit protesters shut down Westminster, furious that our official exit day has been scrapped
London News Pictures Protesters gathered to remind MPs what they had voted for
Huge crowds of pro Brexit campaigners hold march and rally in Parliament Square as anger over failure to leave grows in Westminster


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