Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell reveals Labour could be prepared to back a second Brexit referendum this week

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell reveals Labour could be prepared to back a second Brexit referendum this week

LABOUR could back a second referendum this week, John McDonnell yesterday revealed.
The Shadow Chancellor said Labour is in talks with backbenchers Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson about their amendment calling for a deal to be agreed and put to a vote.
Handout – Getty John McDonnell has hinted his party could be about to call for a second Brexit referendum
The option to Remain would also be on the ballot paper.
But Labour frontbenchers suggested they will only back the amendment if it is changed so that Jeremy Corbyn’s plan is on the ballot paper too.
Mr McDonnell told the BBC’s Pienaar’s politics: “There’s increasingly large numbers of people who will consider now moving towards a public vote situation to block a no deal, and to block a bad deal, that Theresa May’s deal is — that will be the vote of this coming week.”
Deputy leader Tom Watson told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show the party is “moving in that direction” of publicly backing another vote.
And Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge: “If we’re going to the people it has to be on a real choice of something that is credible.
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“Her deal is not credible, and that’s why we put forward our proposals.”
Labour has been torn apart over Brexit, which was a major reason for the party’s bombshell split last week.
Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that Mr Wilson – a Remainer – has held secret talks with two Tory cabinet ministers about backing his plan.

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