‘Sex police’ have no grounds to judge Strictly’s Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton

'Sex police' have no grounds to judge Strictly's Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton

THERE has been speculation this week about the rights and wrongs of workplace romances – with the focus on Stacey ­Dooley and Kevin Clifton.
They are now dating, having met last year as partners on Strictly Come Dancing.
Splash News The ‘sex police’ have no grounds to judge Strictly winners Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley
Let’s leave aside for now the idea (which you may or may not agree with) that all’s fair in love and war.
Instead, let’s look at the facts, many of which we know because ­Stacey’s now ex-boyfriend, Sam Tucknott, has told his side of the story.
He said that after a few happy years together after meeting when Sam was Stacey’s personal trainer — which is sort of like meeting at work, isn’t it? — Stacey ended their relationship.
She has since entered into a romance with Kevin, who Sam called a “slippery snake” for “stealing” the woman that he hoped to marry.
Given that Sam viewed Stacey as his future wife, it’s understandable that he is upset by the end of their relationship.
Anyone who has suffered a heartbreak will surely relate.
But we all know you can’t “steal” another human being.
And no one should be made to marry someone unless they want to.
Dan Charity – The Sun Sam Tucknott said Kevin ‘stole’ Stacey from him – bus she is a woman, not an object to be stolen
Clearly, things weren’t going well enough between Stacey and Sam for her to want to stay with him.
They had a lovely time together. But then it was time for her to move on.
No doubt the huge confidence boost from winning Strictly sharpened her focus about what she wanted from life.
Perhaps her head was turned by the connection she forged with dance partner Kevin.
And, yes, now they are together. But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, isn’t it?
They are over 18 and there are no kids involved.
In fact, good for her if she’s found someone who is a better fit. Right?
I have lost count of the number of celebrities, both male and female, who, shall we say, enjoy multiple romances and marriages without any criticism.
But the question of whether or not Kevin had a relationship with Stacey, or any of the other women he’s danced with, seems to be one destined to bring out the judgmental side in lots of us.
Some people think it is unprofessional for colleagues to become romantically involved.
But that’s a classic example of something that sounds right in theory . . . and then there is reality, in which you don’t actually have a say in who you are attracted to.
Add to that the fact that working in close proximity together often throws us into situations that are intense and intimate enough to fuel an existing attraction and, well, is it any surprise that so many people get involved with their colleagues?
BBC Stacey and Kevin met ‘at work’ – that is what Strictly was to them – like so many other couples
And before you get too comfortable up on that high horse, what would you do if you met the love of your life at work?
Would you really jeopardise your future happiness by saying, ‘Sorry, I can’t, we’re colleagues’?
I should declare an interest here.
If you’d asked me my view on this when I was younger, I may have been more adamant that workplace romances aren’t a good idea.
But now I’d have to say that people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones because guess where I met my husband, Paul?
You’ve guessed it, at work.
But I also write this as an employer of 800 people.
Over the years, I’m pretty sure that some of my employees have got together.
If it doesn’t affect their work then, honestly, what do I care? I’m not the sex police.
I couldn’t care less what my staff do in their own time — as long as they do their job.Cameron’s legacy is disaster
I’M overwhelmed but not surprised by the response to last week’s column about foreign aid and the amount we are currently committed to spend on it.
And although I already knew things were out of hand, this week I found out another crazy fact – Britain is spending more on foreign aid than it does on the police for most of the UK.
AFP – Getty Did you know our foreign aid budget is growing because of laws brought in by David Cameron?
Yep, since foreign aid has more than doubled in the past decade, it’s topped the 2018 £13billion police budget for England and Wales.
Given the escalating levels of crime in this country – knife crime in particular – that fact alone is surely enough to make most people agree that we need to overhaul the policy that means we are spending £14.5billion on foreign aid every year.
The problem is, though, the budget is actually growing because laws brought in by David Cameron in 2015 dictate we must spend 0.7 per cent of our national income on ­foreign aid.
Last year’s £487million rise reflected the 3.5 per cent growth in our economy.
The total budget was equal to more than £10 a week for every household and, last year, UK taxpayers paid £1 in every £8 of the world’s entire spending on foreign aid – equivalent to 12.5 per cent.
If the responses last week were anything to go by, it looks like most of you agree with me that charity needs to begin at home.
And yes, sure, when we’ve sorted out all the messes we are clearing up and put out all the fires that are currently blazing in our streets, then – and only then – will we be able to help others who need it.
Tiger’s a shining example
WHAT an amazing comeback for Tiger Woods, who last week defied the expectations of many and won the 2019 Masters Tournament – his first major since 2008.
His triumph against the odds was described by fellow athlete and friend Michael Jordan as “the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen”.
PA:Press Association In the words of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods made ‘the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen’
And I doubt many people would disagree.
But while there is no doubt it’s an amazing sporting feat, the greater achievement is that Tiger hit rock bottom – the implosion of his personal life and major spinal surgery – only to turn his life around.
Hard times will no doubt visit us all.Tiger’s victory is such a great reminder that it’s possible to come through them and reinvent yourself.
Public service peeping TomI COULD not help but laugh reading the explanation given by a man for why he stuck around to watch when he happened upon a group of three women engaging in “lewd sex acts” on a footpath in Brisbane, Australia, last month.He said he stayed at the scene “to see how long the women would continue before they were arrested”.
Of course he did. All in the interests of public decency of course.

​Aussie women filmed performing sex acts​ in a public place​ in broad daylight
Bey’s hungry for diet success
I CAN easily imagine that the prospect of having to appear scantily clad on stage in front of thousands of people would motivate even the laziest among us to shape up.
But reading about Beyonce’s preparation to appear at Coachella a mere ten months after a C-section to have twins made me feel slightly panic-stricken.
Splash News Beyonce performing at Coachella after rigorous diet following the birth of her twins
In Netflix’s Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce – about her preparation for the festival last year – footage shows her holding an apple while explaining that in order for her to meet her goal: “I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat,no fish, no alcohol – I’m hungry.”
I do vaguely remember trying that diet once as – unsurprisingly – it’s highly effective.
I lasted an hour.Justice for PC Fletcher
I CAN’T believe it has been 35 years since policewoman Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead outside the Libyan embassy in London.
I still vividly remember that day and how shocked I was.
PA:Press Association PC Yvonne Fletcher, 25, was shot dead outside the Libyan embassy in London 35 years ago
I took a moment this week to remember PC Fletcher, whose killer was never caught.
But the good news is that Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk – the prime suspect in the 25-year-old’s murder – may finally appear in court as the Metropolitan Police says it has enough evidence against the former aide to dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
Let’s hope that justice will be served.
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THE skincare industry has boomed over the past decade, with promises to develop products targeting wrinkles, pigment issues or acne concerning consumers.
Growth in the facial skincare industry has also inspired companies to develop intimate products for women when treating their genital region.
This sheet mask for the vulva is the latest from the beauty industry – whatever next?
One company, Two L(i)ps, unveiled its own charcoal sheet mask for the vulva.
Called Blackout, it claims to be “the world’s first vulva mask” and promises to soothe, detoxify and hydrate the area.
Goodness me, whatever next?


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