Sex Clinic lad, 18, claims he’s had unprotected sex with 60 GIRLS including ‘one a day’ on Magaluf hols

Sex Clinic lad, 18, claims he's had unprotected sex with 60 GIRLS including 'one a day' on Magaluf hols

MOST 18-year-olds are thrilled if they can find more than one girl who will sleep with them. 
But not Brandon, the star of tonight’s E4 show, The Sex Clinic, who claims he has had unprotected sex with 60 women – and he’s only 18.
E4 Brandon, 18, claims he has slept with 60 women
When asked about his high number of previous sexual partners, he explains: “I’ve been to Magaluf. Twice.”
The teenager – introduced as a fan of Sex On The Beach –  was visiting the TV clinic to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) after his last trip away.
He claims the popular holiday resort is like a “supermarket” for sexual partners.
He said: “Came back from Magaluf this week. Best time of my life. A new girl every night, pool parties, boat parties, shots, drinks. You name it, I had it.
“From the moment we got there it was non-stop drinking, partying. There were girls everywhere.
“It was like being in a supermarket. You just pick whatever girl you wanted and that was it.”
Brandon gets a painful swab after admitting his Magaluf misdemeanours
He added: “I didn’t wrap up at all. I didn’t think about it.
“I have never been tested so I really don’t know what is going on down there. I am sh***ing myself. I can’t lie.”
‘Condoms slow me down’
Brandon told sexual health expert Sarah Mulindwa he had slept with 15 women in the last three months, including five on a week’s break to the Majorcan holiday spot.
He also bragged about a sex session with a Swedish girl on Brighton beach.
E4 Brandon meets sexpert Sarah who is not impressed with his high toll
“I was in Brighton on a night out and we came and sat next to this group of girls. Five minutes later I was underneath Brighton Pier having sex with one of them,” he said.
“They were from Sweden. She didn’t understand what I was saying but she knew what I wanted to do.”
But he said he hated using condoms because they slowed him down.
“You just want to crack on with it,” he said. “You’ve got to unwrap it, put it on, it falls off. It kills the vibe.”
He justified his sexual spree by adding: “I’ve been single so it’s not like I’ve been doing it while I have a girlfriend.”
E4 Brandon tells fellow patients about his lads’ holiday in Magaluf
One in five Brits admit to having sex with stranger while on holiday, and the risk of catching an STI is tripled by holiday sex.
A recent report revealed that STIs have reached an all time high – with 422,000 new STD cases in 2017.
Unimpressed Sarah told Brandon he had a very high risk of getting chlamydia, syphilis or super-gonorrhoea and, using a model, showed him the easiest way to put on a condom.
E4 Sarah uses a model to show Brandon how to put a condom on
She also asked him how he would feel if he got a girl pregnant.
“I’d have to have to take responsibility,” he replied. “I’d be limited in what I could do in life and I’d have to grow up.
“I can just about look after myself.”
The Sex Clinic patient reveals she sometimes forgets to wash her vagina after doctor tells her to wash twice a day
Amazingly, Brandon was given the all-clear for STIs but the experience gave him a wake up call.
“This has been an eye-opener for me,” he said. “In future I’ll think of things more and I’ll be more aware of everything.”
Examination reveals missing testicle
The programme, which airs on E4, also features 21-year-old Ayo, who wants advice on “premature ejaculation” – because he sometimes only lasts seven minutes.
He told Dr Naomi Sutton: “I’m curious to know if it’s all in your head or whether it’s physical and if there’s anything you can do to stop it.
“Sex should last between 20 and 30 minutes. To me it’s premature if it only lasts seven minutes.”
Dr Sutton revealed the average time to ejaculation is between five and seven minutes and told him, “I wouldn’t say you’ve got a severe problem.”
Ayo was worried about premature ejaculation but Dr Naomi was more worried about his single testicle
Ayo said he didn’t think his missing testicle was a medical issue
But during an examination she discovers he only has one testicle.
Ayo said he knew he only had one testicle but added: “I thought it was a common thing. I didn’t think it was of medical significance.”
Dr Naomi urges him to call his mum and ask if it had been removed as a baby.
Otherwise, she explained, he could still have an undescended testicle in his body, which would make him more at risk of testicular cancer.
Ayo’s mum said he had been “born like that” but had had an operation for a “hernia” when he was two, leaving a question mark over whether the second testicle had been removed.
‘I tried a threesome after mum convinced me I was bi’
Sophie, 21, visited the clinic to learn how to pleasure women – after her mum convinced her she was bisexual.
The trainee journalist from Hertfordshire said her mum spotted an image of a scantily clad girl on her computer screen and decided to talk to her.
She said: “I assumed every girl found girls attractive.
“It was only when my mum turned round and said I was bisexual that I realise it.”
Sophie, 21, said she started taking an interest in women after a threesome
“I got really drunk, had a threesome, I started seeing girls in a different way and it spiralled from there,” she said.
“It took a bit of alcohol for me to say ‘Ok let’s do it.’ We started experimenting a bit and it went from there.
“But I want to know how to pleasure a woman… I am aware that not all women will like the same as me.”
Sex Clinic expert Alix Fox told her: “Your awareness is spot on. Every woman is different and everybody likes different things.”
The Sex Clinic experts Kevin Turner, Sarah Mulindwa and Dr Naomi Sutton
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Visitors to the clinic in previous episodes have included a man who hasn’t washed his penis for 24 years.
The Sex Clinic airs on E4 at 10pm on Mondays.      


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