Sega Mega Drive Mini release date, full games list and everything else you need to know

Sega Mega Drive Mini release date, full games list and everything else you need to know

SEGA are finally getting in on the miniature retro console action, and they’re doing it properly.
The Mega Drive Mini was first revealed in April last year, but then delayed for a rethink.
Sega The Megadrive Mini is a faithful recreation of the original, in miniature
The Mega Drive Mini and controller as they will actually look
The console is a scale replica of the original Mega Drive, while the wired controllers are full-size reproductions.
You can also expect to get video cables and a power supply in the box, unlike some similar retro offerings.
When is it coming out and how much will it cost?
The Mega Drive mini is coming on September 19, 2019.
The delay means that it’s now coming to all regions at the same time — the original release schedule had it coming out in Japan first, but we’re pleased to report that is no longer the case.
It’s going to cost $79.99 in the US, but the RRP for the UK and Europe hasn’t been revealed yet.
Given the US pricing we’re expecting it to be £69.99 here — but we might get lucky and see it a little lower.
Sega The Mega Drive Mini will be rated 16+ hinting at more mature games to come

What games are going to be included?
The console is going to have 40 games on it, but only 10 have been revealed so far.
Interestingly, the Mega Drive mini is rated 16+, compared to the 12 rating of the recently released Mega Drive Classics collection.
This means one or more of the very few higher age-rated Genesis games — Cannon Fodder, Doom or one of the two Mortal Kombat released for Mega Drive, perhaps — will be included in the bundle.
ONLY 10 of the 40 games have been confirmed so far. CONFIRMED GAMES SO FARThese are:

Altered Beast
Castlevania: The New Generation
Comix Zone
Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Ecco The Dolphin
Gunstar Heroes
Shining Force
Sonic the Hedgehog
Space Harrier II
ToeJam & Earl

This list will be updated when more games are revealed.

Sega Ten of the forty games have been revealed so far, including Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog and Castlevania
 Why was it delayed?
Sega delayed the original version so they could bring production in-house — and now say it “delivers quality as only a 1st party product can.”
Originally, the hardware itself was going to be made by AtGames, who make the Mega Drive Flashback.
That device is a full-size console which has games pre-installed and is capable of playing games from their original cartridges.
It was widely derided by fans for having low build quality, and not even looking that much like the original.
Sega fans were not impressed by the news the same firm was making the mini, with one asking: “How many retweets to break every contract you have with ATGames and hire a competent development house for the Mini Mega Drive?”
Others made it clear via social media that while they loved the idea of a Mega Drive Mini, they would not buy it unless it was actually manufactured by Sega itself.
AtGames/Sega The poor-quality controllers and less-than-faithful design decisions mean the Genesis Flashback is not highly thought of
One thing we don’t yet know is the UK price. It’s $79.99 in the USA, so we’d expect it to hit at £69.99 here — but that hasn’t been confirmed.
No UK sites have have it available for pre-order.

Sega heard fans loud and clear.
Despite the massive success of the NES Mini and SNES Mini from Nintendo’s Classic lines, Sega was “surprised” by the enthusiasm for the console from outside Japan, according to Gematsu.
“In order to Sega achieve a level of quality that Sega fans expect, Sega has established a system to rethink the design of the device with the original team at its core, as well as cooperate with Japanese developers proven in software development,” the firm said.
If you’re tempted by the Mega Drive mini, what games do you want to see revealed for it next?
Let us know in the comments.

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