Schoolgirls’ adorable ‘sorry’ letter for raising only £4 for a hospice prompted the community to chip in

Schoolgirls' adorable 'sorry' letter for raising only £4 for a hospice prompted the community to chip in

TWO schoolgirls wrote a “sorry” letter to a hospice for raising only £4 — prompting touched locals to top up their pot.
Elouise O’Loughlin and cousin Abbie Waters, both nine, toiled away at a garden sale for hours.
Kennedy News and Media Abbie Waters and Elouise O’Loughlin, both nine, sent a ‘sorry’ letter to a hospice after they were only able to raise £4 to donate
They posted their takings through the charity shop’s door with a note apologising that they “didn’t succeed very well”.
Moved manager Carina Walker tracked them down on social media — and locals launched a JustGiving page for them.
Now it has raised more than £600 for Trinity Hospice Charity Shop in Blackpool.
Carina said: “It made me really emotional – tears welled up in my eyes. The fact they’d made that much effort was really touching.
“Everything they’d written was so lovely – it broke my heart because any money is better than nothing. They’d put so much effort in.”‘WE’RE SORRY’
Elouise and Abbie chose the charity for helping their grandparents.
Their original letter reads: “We have raised money for you so that people in your care can be safe.
“We might not have a lot that we have raised but we have tried our very best to give you money.
“(Sorry blue pen ran out). [Colour changes from blue to black.]
“We are choosing you because you helped our nan to be brave, you told her how to fight strong.
“We believe everyone every single person in this world deserves to be loved in some type of way even if they don’t have a lot.
“Your[s] sincerely Abbie and Elouise.’
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“With the time of eight hours we received… with a small donation of £4.00 we tried our best but didn’t succeed very well.
“Hope you like it.
“I have to say thank you to an old lady who helped us to[o] as she was raising her own money for her charity.”
Kennedy News and Media Hospice manage Carina Walker says she was moved by the letter as ‘any money is better than nothing’
Kennedy News and Media After locals heard about the letter they rallied together to raise money for the hospice
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