Schoolboy, 16, turns £150 into £61k in eight months by studying trading tips on YouTube for five hours a day

Schoolboy, 16, turns £150 into £61k in eight months by studying trading tips on YouTube for five hours a day

A TEENAGER has made more than £60,000 in just a few months by playing the stockmarkets after learning tips online.
Edward Ricketts, 16, spent five hours a day watching YouTube videos on how to profit by buying and selling global currencies online.
SWNS:South West News Service Edward turned his savings from a summer job into a small fortune
SWNS:South West News Service The teenager has bought trainers with his tidy earning and wants to buy a flash motor when he’s old enough to drive
The business studies student’s career began after seeking advice from a successful trader who said he would never succeed without formal training.
To prove him wrong Edward set about teaching himself the tricks of the trade and what factors affect the currency markets.
In just eight months he has turned his £150 — savings from a summer job — into £61,000 by monitoring the money markets.
The shrewd teenager, who lives in Walthamstow, East London, with dad Oscar, a 54-year-old security guard, and two siblings, told the Mail on Sunday: “I keep up with the news because it makes a massive difference.
“The pound is affected by Brexit and I’ve been taking advantage.”
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So good is he now at currency deals, he has scores of clients who pay him £155 a time for his top tips.
To celebrate he plans to splash out on a £30,000 Mercedes A-class — when he’s old enough to drive.
He also wants to take his family to America for a holiday of a lifetime.
The budding entrepreneur is aiming for a career in business and is keen to become a property development.
SWNS:South West News Service Whizz kid… Edward has trained himself to recognise how world events impact on currencies
SWNS:South West News Service Inspired… Edward Ricketts spotted a Foreign Exchange Market trader boasting on Instagram about how much money he was making

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