School ‘bully’ left terrified after being ‘slapped’ by 12 year-old victim’s dad

School 'bully' left terrified after being 'slapped' by 12 year-old victim's dad

A school bully was left too terrified to enter the lunch room after being battered by the father of his 12 year-old victim, it is claimed.
The unnamed boy, also 12, was reportedly trembling with fear after being punched by James Peace, 37, while walking home from school in Deer Park, Texas, on Valentine’s Day.
Peace is said to have gotten out of his car on seeing the boy and a friend, before launching into a furious tirade at the youngster about his alleged torment of the little girl.

James Peace is said to have screamed at and slapped a school bully who reportedly tormented his 12 year-old stepdaughter (Picture: KTRK)The boy is said to have told Peace’s 12 year-old stepdaughter that she was a transvestite, told her ‘her body was ugly’ and hurled ice cream at her, according to KTRK.
He was stunned into silence by Peace’s tirade, which is said to have culminated in the stepdad ‘reach back and strike the boy in the face,’ according to an eyewitness.
Drama teacher ‘raped boy, 16, in school theater a month after she started new job’The same witness said the alleged slap left the boy totally dumbstruck, and that after he ‘just stood there in shock and never retaliated.’ He was left with minor injuries.
According to a police report, Peace finished the confrontation by warning the child that ‘if he tells anyone else what happened, he will beat him up too.’
His alleged ordeal emerged the next day, when staff at his school asked why he was too scared to go into the lunch room.

This is the street where Peace is said to have stopped his car and squared up to his daughter’s alleged bully (Picture: KTRK)A neighbor who lives close to where the alleged attack took place has surveillance video of the encounter, which is now being studied by Deer Park Police Department.
Peace, who has previous drugs and theft convictions, has been charged with felony injury to a child under 15.
He is free on $15,000 bail.
His wife told KRTK: ‘I do not agree with what he did, he took it too far, he did.’


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