Savvy shopper transforms Sainsbury’s towels with just £5 Wilko dye

Savvy shopper transforms Sainsbury's towels with just £5 Wilko dye

A SAVVY shopper has revealed how she made her discoloured towels from Sainsbury’s look as good as new for just a fiver.
Kaya Heard from Walderslade in Kent avoided having to buy a new set by using Dylon fabric dye, which is on sale at Wilko for only £5.
Kaya Heard A savvy shopper has revealed how she transformed her towels for a fiver
The 29-year-old, who works as a customer care advisor for food wholesaler Brakes, wrote in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group on Facebook: “Bit of a random one but we had a good quality towel set that was fine except they had discoloured.
“Today I bought some Dylon grey fabric dye for £5 in Wilkinson’s and they now look as good as new! Saves buying a new set!
“Best thing is it goes in the washing machine so no mess!”
She told The Sun: “I had noticed the fabric dye in the shops and thought I’d give it a try.
Kaya Heard Kaya Heard shared the tip on Facebook and it proved really popular
“I’ve always been into ways to save money mainly with stuff in the home.
“From when I was younger I would always do up furniture, paint it and change handles etc and did an upholstery course.
“I always try and make use of things and upcycle them instead of chucking away and getting new all the time,” she added.
And fellow group members quickly joined the conversation on Facebook, with many commenting that they’ve used the same product to bring back the colours on items ranging from towels and clothing to sofas.
One user wrote: “I used this for very faded jeans, they turned out like new.”
And another added: “I used a load of this on my loose covered sofa. Worked brilliantly! Went from sand colour to grey.”
Wilko She used Dylon’s fabric dye on sale at Wilko
And a third one said: “It’s fab. I died my caravan and my bedroom curtains. Look like new.”
Meanwhile, another who was thankful for the tip, wrote: “Omg why have I never thought of this! Thank you.”
To do it yourself, simply peel off the lid and put the full pod of fabric dye in the washing machine drum with what you want to dye.
Afterwards, you should run another cycle empty to make sure all dye is removed to avoid it colouring your next load of wash, Kaya advised.
Wilkinson’s, which rebranded to Wilko five years ago, sells 350g pods of Dylon fabric dye in all sorts of colours for £5.
You can also buy 50g sachets of Dylon hand fabric dye for £3.
Sainsbury’s also sells the pods for £5, but only in black.
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