‘Savage’ Poundland Mother’s Day cards spotted by shoppers

'Savage' Poundland Mother's Day cards spotted by shoppers

IF you’re looking for a different kind of Mother’s Day card this year, Poundland has you covered.
Shoppers have spotted a “savage range” of cards on sale at the retailer, and they’re not for the mums who are easily offended.
Holly Smith Are you brave enough to give your mum this card?
Bargain hunter Holly Smith first saw the cards and shared them on her Facebook pages Holly Vlogs as well as the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK today – and the video quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views.
The cards are very far from the traditional and cute cards mums might expect on their special day.
One card is about the assumed battle between mums and dads to be their little ones’ favourite by saying “You’re very nearly my favourite parent.”
While other cards are focusing more about the fact that your mum isn’t getting any younger.
One said: “Thanks for wiping my bum. It won’t be long before I’m returning the favour” while another said “Happy Mother’s Day! I promise to put you in the BEST nursing home no matter how FAR AWAY it is.”
Another one said: “I might be a little sh*t but I’m your little sh*t. Happy Mother’s Day.”
Holly Smith Do you have a favourite parent?
Holly Smith The cards have been branded as savage by a bargain hunter
Holly Smith They’ve also split opinion among social media users
The cards have divided opinions on social media a month before the actual day, with some users not seeing the funny side of the cards.
One user wrote: “Horrible cards how rude and disrespectful to mums who do their best to bring there children up.”
Meanwhile, another user claimed it’s “the card of my dreams”.
And one user wrote: “My mum would laugh her head off at any of these and tell me I’m a cheeky cow and no longer in her will. 😂😂”
The Sun contacted Poundland for a comment.

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This month it also launched “reusable” Valentine’s Day card for last-minute lovers.
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