Samsung owners warned as 10million users ‘tricked by fake phone updates’ that swindles you of out cash

Samsung owners warned as 10million users 'tricked by fake phone updates' that swindles you of out cash

MILLIONS of Samsung phone owners have downloaded a rogue ‘update’ app could swindle you out of money.
Cybersecurity experts are now warning people against the dodgy app, which can be downloaded for free on the official Google Play Store.
3 Samsung phone owners are being warned over a dodgy update appCredit: Reuters
The app – seemingly created by a brazen trickster – is called ‘Updates for Samsung – Android Update Versions’.
It’s named that way to attract people looking for updates for their Samsung phone.
Samsung offers free software updates for its smartphones, which can be downloaded easily through the handset’s settings.
But this app – which has no affiliation with Samsung – charges users $34.99 (£27.89) to download the exact same files.
3 The app promises to provide updates, but charges users for downloads that should be freeCredit: CSIS Security Group
The app also bombards users with advertisements, slowing down their smartphones while earning money for the creator.
“‘Updates for Samsung’ does not seem to offer users much of value besides a lighter wallet,” said Aleksejs Kuprins, malware analyst at CSIS Security Group, who discovered the app.
More than 10million users have installed the app, according to the Google Play Store’s stats.
In his report, Kuprins reveals that the app does offer free downloads for some updates.
But these updates typically time out and crash.
“During our tests, we too have observed that the downloads don’t finish, even when using a reliable network,” he wrote.
3 You could find yourself losing lots of money with this rogue appCredit: CSIS Security Group
The app then pushes users to install the $34.99 premium package to download files.
It also breaks Google’s rules by using its own payment system, which could leave your payment data open to snooping hackers.
Apparent swindlers are preying on users who don’t know where to find Samsung phone updates, conning them out of cash.
How to avoid Samsung scam updatesHere’s the official advice from CSIS Security Group…

“We recommend users to follow Samsung’s designed procedure for downloading firmware updates.
“That is, by opening the “Settings” application on your Android device and navigating to the “About phone” -> “Software Update” menu.
“These updates are guaranteed to come directly from the vendor and are free of charge.”

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