Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ‘will come with no buttons or headphone jack’

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 'will come with no buttons or headphone jack'

RUMOURS about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 suggest that the phone won’t have a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.
The upcoming smartphone might also be ditching all of it’s external buttons, leaving it as one smooth block of tech.
2 We don’t know for sure what the Galaxy Note 10 will look likeCredit: Getty – Contributor
According to an Android Police source, Samsung might be getting rid of the headphone jack on its new phone just like other mobile firms have done.
This may disappoint some Samsung fans who prefer to use wired headphones.
Getting rid of the jack could leave more space for greater battery capacity but it also helps companies sell the headphones that our only compatible with their devices.
Ditching all external buttons is a bit of a cooler feature for the phone though as they might be replaced with pressure sensitive areas around the phone that can look a lot sleeker.
2 The Galaxy Note 10 is due for release in AugustCredit: Phone Arena
However, no buttons on smartphones can be controversial as a lot of people still miss the iPhone home button, which isn’t present on Apple’s newer models.
A smartphone without buttons and a headphone jack is much more likely to be waterproof and will have less parts that are likely to need repairing or replacing over time.
The Note 10 will be the followup to Samsung’s highly acclaimed Galaxy S10, which arguably boasts the best smartphone display of all time.
If previous releases are anything to go by, the new phone will probably cost around £1,000.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be released in August this year.
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‘Leaked’ images of the Dark Mode that should be coming to iPhones with the iOS 13 update have appeared online.
And, here’s some mock up images of what people think the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will look like.
Would you like a phone with no external buttons? Let us know in the comments…

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