Samsung Galaxy Fold ‘is ready to launch’ bosses claim following string of delays – here’s when it’ll probably hit shelves

Samsung Galaxy Fold 'is ready to launch' bosses claim following string of delays – here's when it'll probably hit shelves

THE SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold launch has been plagued with issues but it may finally be ready to be released into the World and not break.
This is according to a Samsung Executive who has reportedly confirmed that most of the phones issues have been resolved.
2 The Fold was originally due out in the UK on May 3Credit: Samsung
According to The Investor, Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong-cheol said: “most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.”
This claim is said to have been made at an industry conference on June 18.
This indicates that we may soon have the Samsung Galaxy Fold in our hands.
However, another recent official statement contradicted this and suggested “little progress” had been made.
2 Early testers of the Galaxy Fold reported that the flexible screen is on the flimsy sideCredit: @markgurman/Twitter
Some have speculated that the Fold could come out alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, which is due to arrive in August.

Samsung unveiled the Fold – a tablet sized device that bends in half like a book – in February at a glitzy launch event in San Francisco.

But just days before the official release day, the phone-maker pulled the Fold following complaints from reviewers about the delicate gadget’s plastic display.
All pre-orders of the £1,800 Galaxy Fold, which was originally due for release in the UK on May 3, have been cancelled by Samsung.
It’s not clear how many people have ordered the phone, but it sold out in the United States.
A brief timeline of the Samsung Galaxy FoldHere’s all the major things to happen in the controversial phone’s history so far…

On May 12 2011, South Korea’s Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology annonced that some of its researchers had created a folding smartphone prototype
On May 2 2012, Samsung filed a patent application for its folding smart phone design
In May 2013, Samsung tried to patent its folding phone screen idea
In November 2013, Samsung announced that it would be bringing folding display devices to the market
In spring 2016, Samsung was finally working on what we now refer to as the Galaxy Fold
In Otober 2018, Samsung finally confirmed that its foldable phone was on the way
On February 20 2019, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a staggering £1799 price tag
On April 15 2019, Samsung started letting high profile technology journalists use the phone but by April 17 lots of them were already complaining about the screen breaking or not working
On April 22 2019, Samsung had to announce that it was postponing the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release so that it could address and fix ongoing issues with the folding screen

Samsung’s folding £1,500 smartphone with flexible screen breaking after just a DAY of use
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In other news, Samsung is going to extend its Galaxy Fold range with two new double-bend tablets despite huge durability doubts.
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What’s your opinion on folding smartphones? Let us know in the comments…

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