Salesman from Northern Ireland wins iPad for becoming the MILLIONTH member of Sun Savers – The Sun

Salesman from Northern Ireland wins iPad for becoming the MILLIONTH member of Sun Savers – The Sun

A SALESMAN could not believe his luck when he scooped an iPad from us after becoming the MILLIONTH person to join Sun Savers.
When Steve Rushe, from Newry, Northern Ireland, downloaded the app he was stunned to discover he had become such a special part of the Sun Savers family.
8 Steve Rushe, 34, thought he had been scammed after receiving an email to say he had scooped an iPad from The SunCredit: Pacemaker Press
Steve, 34, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I first read the email – I thought it had to be a scam. When I realised it was real, I nearly fell over with shock. I had to run and tell my wife straight away.”
Steve and wife Stephanie, 29, a dental nurse, tied the knot in June 2017 and he plans to use some of his Sun Savers cash in future to treat his wife on their anniversary.
Steve added: “I buy The Sun every day but I’d only recently started scanning the codes. It just makes sense. At the end of the day, it’s free money.
“I’m going to let the money build up then, thanks to the Sun, I’m going to use the money I save to take Stephanie somewhere nice for a romantic dinner to celebrate our two-year anniversary.”
8 The hardware salesman says he’s pleased to be part of the Sun Savers familyCredit: Pacemaker Press
The hardware salesman may not have expected to become such an important part of The Sun’s history but he’s pleased to be part of the Sun Savers family.Steve adds: “Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed I’d be the one millionth user but I’ll certainly be a proud Sun Savers user for many years to come.”
Sun Savers, our rewards club, has hit the magnificent milestone of 1,000,000 members at the same time as celebrating its second birthday. Launched in June 2017, Sun Savers offers £5 to readers for every 28 codes they collect, one of which is printed daily in the paper.
Sun Savers bottom line is that it gives back those fivers to our most loyal readers, for them to spend on whatever they like. Sun Savers is also the door to regular amazing promotions and competitions, offering free days out at attractions nationwide, and genuinely life-changing prizes.
8 Just pick up the paper each day to collect your Sun Savers codes and we will GIVE YOU £5 when you have ­collected 28
“All this and there is daily money-saving advice from our Sun Savers team led by editor Giselle.
Our Sun Raffle also means readers have a chance to win £50k EVERY month just by banking Sun Savers codes – the more codes, the more chances there are to win.
Find out below just why our readers love Sun Savers and what they are spending their Sun Savers cash on. Not a member? Either download the Sun Savers app or register at, it takes minutes.
‘I took my mum on a trip to Ireland’
SANDRA WAIN, 62, enjoyed a trip to Ireland this Easter, thanks to Sun Savers. The fabric cutter, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, says: “I’m useless when it comes to apps and phones but Sun Savers is dead easy. If I can use it anyone can.
8 Sandra enjoyed a trip to Ireland this Easter, thanks to Sun SaversCredit: Glen Minikin – The Sun
“I read the newspaper every day at 6am and I always make sure I give the code a scan before heading to work.  Once I’ve got about £30 in my Sun Savers account, I’ll deposit it and put it into my savings.
“I like to use the money to go on holiday and this year I took my 85-year-old mum, Joan, to Ireland to watch the Irish Grand National.  We’re both huge horse racing fans. Sun Savers has helped me so much, I recommend it to everyone who reads the newspaper.”’Great for lads’ weekend away’
FRAZER SMITH, 39, from Dalmuir, Clydebank, has been funding his annual lads’ holidays with cash saved from regularly using Sun Savers.
8 Frazer funds his annual lads’ holidays with cash saved from regularly using Sun SaversCredit: SWNS:South West News Service
The barber says: “I’m living in Scotland and I’ve got great colleagues here but I do miss my friends from back in the south east of England.  I’m always looking for ways to spend time with both groups, and when I spotted the Sun Savers scheme for holidays, a light bulb just went off.
“We’ve now been on three different holidays with money saved. We’ll meet in the middle, in North Wales, and arrive on a Friday night for a boys’ weekend away.
“I love using Sun Savers, it’s allowed me to have a lot of fun – and now some of the lads are even using it, too. It’s my 40th next year and we’re already planning another trip to celebrate in style.”’My pot will go on bets at races’
RETIRED electronics supervisor, MICHAEL FLIPPENT, 71, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, will be placing his bets at Salisbury Racecourse thanks to Sun Savers.
8 Michael will be placing his bets at Salisbury Racecourse thanks to all the money he has accumulated in his Sun Savers potCredit: �Chris Balcombe – The Sun
He says: “Sun Savers is fantastic and you get some great offers with it.  I recently drew out £127 from my pot and it felt great. I love horse racing and my friend John and I go to every meet at Salisbury.
“I’ve already set aside the money from Sun Savers to go towards my bets. It’s for reasons like this that I recommend Sun Savers to my friends.  I’ve even managed to convince a few of them to download the app.
“It’s easy to use and I buy the newspaper every day because it’s the best in the world, so it’s no hassle to me. It’s user-friendly and has great rewards.”’Sun Savers has been life-changing for my son’
JOANNE McCULLOCH has seen her son’s life transformed through holidays thanks to Sun Savers. Carer Joanne, 42, from Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, says: “We have been using the app since it started and have been collecting vouchers from The Sun for over six years.
8 Joan relies on Sun Savers to take her son on holidayCredit: Abermedia / Michal Wachucik
“My son Jamie, 15, has a blood-clotting disease which means he can’t travel by plane. So we rely on Sun Savers for our getaways.  We frequently make the most of the Sun Holidays and love going away to our favourite caravan park in Dumfries.
“Jamie and I head there up to four times a year. Our next visit is in July. Sun Savers has not only helped me out with having extra money in my pocket, it’s also been life-changing for my son.
“If it wasn’t for The Sun, I don’t know how we would afford to take Jamie away – but thanks to this fantastic app we enjoy plenty of family time together.”’I treat myself to new trainers or clothes’
8 Damien has used his Sun Savers cash to by himself a new pair of trainersCredit: Sonja Horsman
DAMIAN WALSH, 43, a railway worker from West Ealing, West London, kits himself out with new trainers and updates his wardrobe using the cash he saves with the Sun Savers app.
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He says: “I think it’s an excellent app. I have the Sun delivered to my house every day, including Sundays, as it has the best coverage of the football, so it’s no hassle for me.
“The app is really easy to use.  I usually save up the cash until there is about £30-£40 in there and then I use it to buy myself some new clothes or trainers.
“I’ve used it in the past to buy myself a new pair of Doc Martens.  It’s a great way to treat myself without spending any extra money. I definitely recommend it to other people.  I’ve been using it since it first started running and I love it.”
Sun Saves Stats

Sun Savers launched June 2017
Now has more than a million     members –   that is three times     the population of Iceland
63million Sun Savers codes banked
Sun Savers has given away  more than £1.3million in prizes
Nearly 8million views on our Sun Savers Primark video

We design our own Disney t-shirt and try out clothes in our personalised changing room at the world’s biggest Primark


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