Sales industry has starting salaries of £30,000 and can rise to SIX figures

Sales industry has starting salaries of £30,000 and can rise to SIX figures

THE sales industry employs one in ten of us and starting salaries of £30,000 can rise to six figures.
But not a single parent wants their child to enter the sector, according to a recent study by Siemens.
Damien McFadden – The Sun Matthew Gerrard started out in sales and now runs a successful pet supplies business
The rise of “sales shame” is now being blamed for the UK productivity crisis, with a third of managers saying lack of good sales staff is hampering business growth.
Now experts such as Matthew Gerrard — who started out in sales and now runs a pets product suppliers turning over £1million — want schools and unis to do more to promote sales positively.
According to the Office of National Statistics, nearly 2.2million people in the UK work in sales — from sales assistants and account directors to market and street traders.
It may be the career choice most parents would not want for their kids but, with­out it, the economy would collapse.
Handout Shaun Thomson says that sales can be a great path for young people and that it is ‘madness’ that they are being ‘engrained to think negatively about a career that may be lucrative ‘
Shaun Thomson, CEO of Sandler Training, says: “Sales can be a very successful career path for young people with the right soft skills.
“When we have a problem with youth unemployment, it’s madness to know they are being ingrained to think negatively about a career that may be lucrative and enjoyable.”
The rise of online retail means the industry is more diverse than ever, but you will need key skills including time management, communication and networking abilities.
You will also need the ability to work independently as well as part of a team. Find more at here.
Meet Matthew GerrardAGED just 30, Matthew Gerrard has built up his own company, which turns over £1million a year.
The boss, who runs pet supplies firm EGMG, credits his success to starting out in sales.
Matthew, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, says: “To encourage more people to get into sales, we need to take away the stigma that it’s a poor choice.
“There’s this stereotype of the desperate salesperson cold-calling people who aren’t interested and being constantly chastised for not hitting targets.
“In reality, sales can be a great career – and, in my case, the best basis to become an entrepreneur.
“I spent my college holidays working at a distribution firm. In three years it grew massively and I could see how reselling products could be really lucrative when done right. I recruit my sales staff based on soft skills and how they will fit in.
“I’ll always be a salesman at heart – the day I forget that is the day I lose my focus.”

Get to work on Autism
THIS week is Autism Awareness Week and more than one in 100 people in the UK is autistic –  but many employers are missing out on their talents.
Here, Annette Warrick, autism employment lead at the Department for Work and Pensions, shares her tips for bosses to create the right working environment for employees on the autism spectrum.
Getty Annette Warrick says that employers can take simple steps to make sure people with autism ‘enjoy the benefits a good job can bring’
Annette said: “Autistic people are often locked out of the jobs market despite having valuable skills that would benefit any workplace.
“Employers can take simple steps to enable such people to enjoy the benefits a good job can bring.”

Offer on-the-job trials instead of interviews as a way for candidates to show what they can do.
Ask about the best way to communicate – email may be easier than meetings.
Think about sensory issues such as background noise and lighting to see what adjustments can be made.
Arrange regular but short meetings to review how work is going to help reduce any anxiety.
Avoid using figures of speech and make instructions clear.
Sign up to the Disability Confident scheme for more expert advice at

JobspotThe ADI Group needs new apprentices in automation, compressor services, electrical and mechanical engineering businesses.

Call to account
LEAVING school this summer? Then it may be time to consider a career in accountancy.
BDO has 150 apprenticeships on offer in 18 offices across the UK. It will lead to internationally recognised qualifications.
Getty Candidates who have, or are on course for, three A-levels at grades A* to C can join the BDO apprenticeships scheme, leading to a career in accountancy
The three-year courses include tax, audit, advisory and business services and outsourcing.
Audit trainee Melissa Dube had planned to study maths and finance at university but joined the accountancy giant’s scheme instead. She says: “Following the school leaver route, I will be a qualified accountant at 22.”
Candidates must have, or be on course for, three A-levels at grades A* to C, excluding general studies and extended projects, and A* to C at GCSE in maths and English language.
Apply before September 20 here.
JobspotTECH expert Raytheon UK is hiring project management, engineering and manufacturing apprentices across the UK.

Gender pay gap worsens
THE gender pay gap has WIDENED according to a new study.
Thirty per cent of women report being knowingly paid less than a male colleague of lesser or equal seniority – an increase of seven per cent from 2017.
The gender pay gap is reported to have widened as now thirty per cent of women are knowingly paid less than male colleagues
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Almost half of women have changed the way they act or look to get ahead in the workplace.
A quarter also admit to taking on male traits, while a third have suffered from sexist comments and 22 per cent have been the victim of sexual harassment, according to the poll of 2,000 women, by co-working specialist Headspace Group.
Nazia Siddiq, HR director of its parent company BE Offices, says: “Employers have a responsibility to treat all employees equally.
“It’s clear that many organisations have a long way to go in this respect. It’s not right that in this day and age so many women are still facing sexism and gender discrimination in the workplace.”
The Fawcett Society explains how the gender pay gap is widening for some women and that it will now take 100 years to close it


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