Sadiq Khan to cause travel chaos by BANNING Londoners from driving for a day

Sadiq Khan to cause travel chaos by BANNING Londoners from driving for a day

SADIQ Khan is to spark travel chaos with plans to BAN Londoners from driving for a day.
The Mayor of London today revealed plans to tackle pollution in the capital with a car-free day that will see the centre of the capital partly shut down.
2 Sadiq Khan will close miles of roads in London and spark travel chaos – in a bid to tackle climate change.Credit: Splash News
12.3 miles of roads will be closed around Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the City of London, forcing commuters in the capital to walk or get the tube instead.
That’s the equivalent of nearly 200 football pitches in length.
Buses will be allowed from London Bridge up to Bishopsgate but in other areas Londoners will be redirected or could even be forced into cabs to avoid the closures too.
Pedestrians will be able to walk and cycle down the roads instead.
And boroughs across the city will hold events promoting cycling or public transport too.
Mr Khan said today: “I encourage as many Londoners as possible to join in the fun and see the city from a different perspective.
“Many of us need to use the car. But we need to make sure people realise the alternatives.”
It’s the first time a London Mayor has shut down large sections of road in the city centre in this way.
He said he would press boroughs who were “dragging their feet” to take part and do their bit.
But his critics said it was little more than a “virtue signal” and a “stunt” – and wouldn’t help his aim to cut air pollution without long term action.
His Tory rival to be Mayor, Shaun Bailey, told The Sun: “We all want to clean up London’s air and symbolism and stunts are fine as long as they’re matched with concrete action like cleaning up our dirty bus fleet and expanding our public transport network.
“What will get people out of their cars for good are reliable, green alternatives, not more taxes combined with fewer bus routes and delayed tube upgrades, which is this Mayor’s record.”
And Keith Prince AM, GLA Conservative Transport Spokesman, added: “Londoners want cleaner air but car free days risk travel chaos if managed poorly while doing little to tackle air pollution.
“Instead of virtue signalling, the Mayor should focus on cleaning up TfL’s bus fleet quickly to improve air pollution on our streets.”
Activists Extinction Rebellion caused chaos in the capital last month when they shut down roads around Parliament Square, Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge to try and force the Government to take action on climate change.
2 A map of where in central London will be shutdown for cars on September 22
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Green campaigners gave the news a cautious welcome but said it wasn’t enough to tackle air pollution.
Earlier this year the Mayor brought in plans to charge a million drivers an extra £12.50 to try and stop them travelling through the capital with his Ultra Low Emission Zone.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he is ‘extremely frustrated’ over climate change protests damaging public transport system

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