Racism is wrong but opposing an ideology that is ‘deeply oppressive’ is not

Racism is wrong but opposing an ideology that is 'deeply oppressive' is not

A BUNCH of people have been kicked out of the Conservative Party for saying nasty stuff about Muslims.
Fair enough in most of the cases, I reckon.


Rod Liddle says that there are elements of the Islamic ideology which he finds deeply repressive and misogynistic

Saying things like “get rid of all mosques” or “turf all Muslims out of public office” is as offensive as it is stupid.
A couple of others warned about a Muslim takeover of this country. I think that’s overstating the case a little.
But a lot of people who live in areas of Britain which have become predominantly Muslim might be nodding their heads in agreement.
The thing that worries me, though, is the drive to banish something called “Islamophobia”.
And I speak as someone who was a proud nominee of “Islamophobe Of The Year” by some Muslim pressure group.
I lost, as it happens, in the final. Can’t win ’em all.
I am not “Islamophobic”. I do not have an irrational fear or hatred of Islam.
And I certainly don’t have an irrational fear or hatred of Muslims.
It’s simply that there are elements of the Islamic ideology which I find deeply repressive, misogynistic, anti- Semitic, anti-democratic and homophobic.
And you will find those elements both in the Koran and the hadiths of Islamic scholars.

Chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ heard and US flags burnt in Iran as hundreds of thousands march to mark 40 years since 1979 Islamic Revolution
Having grave doubts about an ideology does not make someone a racist. You might as well call me Marxismophobic, because I have grave doubts about Marxism, too.
I don’t like Marxism because I think its critique of society is deeply flawed and that it is an absolutist doctrine, intolerant of other views.
And truth be told, I think much the same about Islam.
And I say that knowing that there are many, many Muslims who would like their religion to go through some sort of reformation.
My argument is not with them. It’s with an ideology.
And the problem is that this ludicrous word, Islamophobia, has been co-opted by our Government and our authorities.

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Branding any objection against Islam as Islamophobia is a disavowal of freedom of speech

They wish to make expressing doubts about Islam a “hate crime”.
Well, sorry, I have my doubts and will not be bullied into silence by this kind of authoritarian political correctness.
A House of Commons committee recently said that merely to associate the religion of Islam with terrorism carried out in the name of Islam was Islamophobic and therefore a hate crime.
What, no matter how loudly the bomber, or the stabber, screams “Allahu Akbar!” That is an absurdity.
Some 24 per cent of the world is Muslim. But so much of terrorism is done in the name of Islam. When you look at IS or al-Qaeda — or indeed Hamas, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim insurgents in the Philippines, in Nigeria . . . you cannot simply announce with certainty that none of their evil actions are anything to do with Islam.
Racism is a horrible and irrational thing and I have no time for it. Having a rational objection to an ideology is very different indeed.
And trying to criminalise those objections is a disavowal of democracy and freedom of thought and speech.
Ban just fires up Tommy fans

Unless Robinson is breaking the law he should be allowed to sell his books and have social media accounts

Tommy Robinson boasts about scoring drugs and uses racist slur in foul mouthed rant
I don’t have much time for Tommy Robinson.
Most of the stuff he does seems to be an exercise in self publicity. And the stench of racism is never far away from him.
But I notice he’s had his Twitter feed and Facebook account closed down. And now Amazon is refusing to stock his book.
This is to my mind wholly wrong. Unless he’s breaking the law he should be allowed to express himself the same as anyone else.
And let US be the judge of whether he’s talking inflammatory b******s or not. Banning him from everywhere only gives his million followers the conviction that there’s a conspiracy against him.
This kind of bullying never works in the end.
Shake up for more for North

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Theresa May has found her magic money tree but needs to sort out North-South wealth gap

Well, whaddaya know! The Prime Minister has found her magic money tree again and given it a good shake.
And out dropped a £1.6billion bung for the towns represented by pro-Brexit Labour politicians. She needs their votes.
Truth is, though, that we should be spending much more money in the North and Midlands. To encourage investment, to raise wages and to improve infrastructure.
The gap in wealth between London and the North in particular is a terrible indictment of this country.
It is corrosive and fuels genuine, justifiable anger.
Now you’ve found that magic money tree, Theresa, give it another few shakes.

Time up for po-faced Partridge

Things which have outlived their usefulness:
1) The Labour Party
2) Internet cafes
3) Alan Partridge
Have you seen any of Steve Coogan’s latest TV series?
I used to love his ­character, but that was when the shows were written by Armando ­Iannucci. The first two ­episodes of This Time With Alan Partridge scarcely raised a flicker of mirth.And the audience slumped for the second one.
Try to think up a new ­character, Steve.
Here’s an idea. A talented comic starts taking ­himself terribly seriously, railing against Brexit and the Press.
And as he does so, he finds that he no longer makes ­people laugh.
They just get irritated with him. So it would be a kind of tragi-comedy, then, with pathos as well as laughs. What do you reckon, Steve?

Fancy a bit of gruff?

Phwoar. I’m sorry about this, but I find this goat very alluring.
She looks kind of up for it, but also demure. I could imagine having a quiet dinner with her, perhaps in a sushi restaurant.
I’d probably spoil the romance of the occasion, though. “Will you stop staring at my horns?”
The old rock ’n’ roll star Ronnie Hawkins had a thing about goats, too. He once said they made fine lovers “but you have to go round the front to kiss ’em”.
No idea who took the photo or persuaded the goat to sit like that.
My daughter found it on the internet and sent it to me because “I thought you’d be interested, Dad”.


Leaving the shackles of the EU is a chance to really kickstart our economy

Jacob Rees-Mogg

We the people have spoken on Brexit… let us now have have lift-off


President Macron has neatly summarised the reasons we’re right to leave the EU


Classifying foods like butter as junk food and banning ads is nuts


Thanks to Rudd, the selfish Ayatollah of Remain, the EU will get their way


Flawed Brexit, then dignifed Therexit — price of ‘success’ is PM departure

Fight’s on for Czar

Getty – Contributor

Knife crime is not all about poverty and drugs it’s also about families without dads

So now we have a knife “czar” and a knife task force. All to combat the terrible murders of young kids on the streets of London. Good, perhaps we’re taking the issue seriously for once. I sometimes got the impression that because it was just working-class black youngsters killing other working class black youngsters, nobody really gave a damn.
But we won’t sort out the issue until we start asking hard and inconvenient questions.
It’s not all about poverty and it’s not all about drugs.
It’s also about the culture in which the kids grow up, usually without dads. And the status given to drug dealers and gangsters.
Jammy Bodger

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Sadiq Khan has stopped jam and butter being advertised but he should sort knife crime out first

The latest thing we’re not allowed to look at is pictures of jam and butter.
Supermarket adverts featuring the stuff have been banned from the London Underground.
This is because London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, thinks they are dangerous. Not as dangerous as being stabbed in the throat, mate – shouldn’t you sort that business out first?
I suspect one day all kinds of jam will come in plain black wrappers, with just a picture of some fat bloke on a defibrillator.
It’ll be kept with the fags and the scratchcards and you’ll have to ask for your flavour while looking embarrassed.
I hate this country sometimes.
Living as a man

Caters News Agency

A woman called Whitney started living as a man but being pregnant surely means shes still a woman

Texan Wyley Simpson was a lady called Whitney who started living as a man.
Now, however, Wyley’s pregnant.
Isn’t the fact of the pregnancy clear evidence that she is still a woman?

Kylie Jenner is the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the history of the world.
I suppose we should applaud her. But I’m still not sure what it is she’s ever actually done.
Other than sell her name – to brand a bunch of cosmetics and a phone app.
It’s a kind of miracle of the modern age: The ability of a tiny minority of people like her and her sister Kim Kardashian to suck in money without actually lifting a finger.


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